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WhatsManage App – Manage Your WhatsApp With Best Features

WhatsManage App – Manage Your WhatsApp With Best Features Why to Use WhatsManage App and What it Offers?

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp today? It is our go-to app for any type of conversation, whether personal or official. Ever since the ‘status update’ feature has been added to WhatsApp, it has become even more Charming and has slowly replaced the need to share our moments on Facebook. The app developers have made it so simple that anyone can use it hassle-free. But, with simplicity comes a cost, which is a lack of functionality. I am confident that we all agree that WhatsApp could have been handier had certain features such as status saver were added to it.

The wait is over. There is a cool app in the Google Play Store which has solved this problem and similar others to take our WhatsApp using experience to the next level.

About WhatsManage App

WhatsManage is a simple to use app with a lot of cool features to make your life simpler and solve all the problems which you have faced while using WhatsApp.

Why to Use WhatsManage App?

To understand this better it’s good to sneak a peek on its best features. So here’s what WhatsManage offers.

Status Saver: When our friends and families share their photos/videos on WhatsApp, or we find some information or cool thing there, we all think, lest, there has been some way to save this status. Though there are hundreds of tutorials on the internet to save WhatsApp status by navigating to the “. statuses” folder in the file manager, doing it every time is a very tedious process. WhatsManage saves all WhatsApp statuses in one place and lets you use it whenever you want to, thus making your life simple.

Text to the Unsaved Number: One drawback with WhatsApp is that you can send a message to a person only if you have his/her number saved on your device, there is no other way, but sometimes we need to send a message to someone only once and feel no need to save the number. WhatsManage has rightly solved this problem by introducing a feature using which you can send a WhatsApp Message to any unsaved number with the click of a single button.

Fake Chat: Have you ever felt a need to have a tool where you can create a fake chat and share the screenshot with your friends. You may need this to make a meme or fool someone on April Fool day, maybe. WhatsManage provides a feature where you can easily create a fake WhatsApp chat and take a snap to share it with your friends and have fun.

Whatsapp Cleaner: Sometimes, our WhatsApp starts to hang or show absurd behaviour because of the pile of junk files. Even after trying clear cache apps, the problem persists because those cleaner does not go deep to target junk files created by WhatsApp. WhatsManage has an in-built WhatsApp junk cleaner to give you a smooth experience using your favourite messaging app.

ASCII Faces: The emojis given by WhatsApp are cool. I can’t think of how boring a chat could have been without these emojis. But have you ever felt a need to have extra emojis to be a little bit more expressive? If that’s the case, you must try the ASCII faces feature of WhatsManage, using which you can send hundreds of new types of emojis and make your messages more interesting.

Text Repeater: Text repeater is one more feature of WhatsManage which you can use to generate repeated text. It gives you three options – the text you want to be repeated, the number of times a text must be repeated and whether each repetition must start with a new line or not. This very simple feature can be a useful tool for you if you want to repeat text.

Text to Emoji: A similar feature to the text repeater and also my favourite one, this one will convert any text to a design made up of emojis. Let’s suppose you want to write “I Love You”, then this feature will reproduce this text in a very fancy way to give an appealing look to your text. Not only emojis, but you can use any character for your design.

Walk and Chat: this feature allows you to see what is happening in the background while you are chatting with your friends. It will help you from stumbling on the stone next time you were going on the road and ignored a stone because you were too much emerged in your chat.

Last but not least, using this app, you can add a WhatsApp shortcut to your device with which you can open your WhatsApp by shaking the mobile phone 3-4 times.

Final Thoughts

WhatsManage has been developed after a lot of research and feedback from people who have been continuously demanding certain features to be added to WhatsApp. After these features come in handy, your WhatsApp using experience will be heightened. The developer of the app has made it to help the users, and if you want other features to be added to the app, they are most welcome to hear from you.

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