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Urban LYF Watch Review – Best Smartwatch in 2022

Urban LYF Watch Review – Best Smartwatch in 2022

Urban LYF Watch Review Smartwatches are the one for which this generation people are super excited to get. The advanced features of these smartwatches have made the super busy lives of people a bit easier. These watches look after your health, work and many more.

But not all the smartwatches are that good. There may be some problems with the watches which you may not know before buying. And here comes the need of reviews.

Every person who shops online first goes to the reviews and here we have a review on Urban LYF Watch which may be the best smartwatch in 2022.

Make sure you read the complete review and don’t miss this smartwatch to go out of your hands.

Urban LYF Smartwatch Review

Urban LYF smartwatch is probably one of the best smartwatches after Urban Lite and Urban Fit. The stylish and slim design of the watch makes it much more attractive.

The watch comes with a number of strap colors from which you can choose the one you like. It has a rectangular dial shape that suits most people. It has a screen size of 1.75 inches with a full display screen.

You no longer need to grab your phone for attending phone calls or check for notifications as Urban LYF smartwatch is here to do all those. Apart from these it takes care of your health too. There are a number of inbuilt health care features that includes heartbeat monitoring, blood oxygen levels monitoring, ECG function and many more.

This smartwatch is waterproof and has a battery life of 15 days. Apart from health and call settings Urban LYF Watch also enables you to control your phone’s camera and also manage the music system. Therefore you can call it a mini phone which may be the most helpful one.

There are a few additional features too including weather notifications, sleep monitoring, alarm and many more.

Best Features of Urban LYF Smartwatch

Here is a list of the best features of Urban LYF smartwatch that makes it the most selective among the people.

  • Screen size of 1.75 inch with rectangular surface and with a display of 240×240 pixel resolution.
  • Allowing the users to answer calls from the smartwatch itself without touching the mobile.
  • Health monitoring features like blood oxygen levels monitoring, heartbeat and ECG.
  • It is lightweight and has an attractive design that makes it the best one.

Final Words

To keep it short Urban LYF smartwatch is the best one you can go ahead with. The top features of the smartwatch discussed above makes it the best one to choose. Hope you are definitely going to try this best smartwatch, here by it on amazon now!

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