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Set Beautiful Gold Zip Lock Screen In Your Phone

Set Beautiful Gold Zip Lock Screen In Your Phone

You might rarely bump into someone who doesn’t own a device like a smartphone or a tablet for personal use while being cautious about their privacy. A large chunk of people likes to swagger with the alluring appeal of the devices they carry in their hands. For external adornment, they tend to employ exquisite covers or fancy stickers. However, the internal modification to achieve that desired aesthetics and excellent privacy in your Device is better aimed at one solution. Hence, here the Gold Lock Screen app comes into play. This application will efficiently cater to both the above-mentioned needs. Let’s try to glean every detailed aspect of this app.

What is the “Gold Lock Screen” application?

The Gold Lock Screen app delivers a reliable security feature safeguarding your privacy. Besides, it features several alluring and distinctive unlocking styles combined with myriads of customizations. The application ensures a desirable appearance owing to its Gold-themed wallpapers in sync with the smooth zipping animations. Certain functionalities, including Pattern or Password lock, background customizations, zipper and row styles, and a user-oriented “Preview” option. Wondering how to set this application to relish its features and enhance your Device.

Installations & Features

Get into the application store of your Device and search for “Gold Lock Screen”. With over 5M downloads, you can readily download the application around 11 Mb in size. Open the application after the successful auto-installation. Now, you need to allow the significant permissions if asked, for its efficient working. After this, you will enter into the simplistic and systematized User Interface of the application integrated with practical options.

Home Screen

The Home Screen contains the toggle option of “Enable Lockscreen” that will set the gold lock screen on your device with default settings.

On this home screen, click on the Wallpaper to select any Gold themed pictures as the background of your Phone lock screen. Thereafter, we have the Row Style of the zipper that contains many designs. You can choose the one that conforms to the background of the lock screen. Sitting beside this option, you have a Zipper Style section available, allowing you to tweak the zipper itself, complementing your other choices. This application incorporates a highly convenient “Preview” button, ensuring the device user to experience the set combinations without even leaving the application. It eases the whole process of restyling the Lock screen by eliminating the task of unlocking the phone when we exercise minute changes.

The “More Themes” option comes in handy when you get bored of Gold Screen and revamp the whole theme with new ones. You get to download various app themes free of cost.

Settings Section

The “Settings” takes you to another set of features, and under the Security section, you can Enable/Disable and change the pattern password as per requirement. The Personalization section provides the Transparent background option engendering a translucent lock screen. It also empowers you to toggle the vibration and auto-scroll to the center option that facilitates the zipping.

Another striking option is to display the date on the lock screen combined with the “Time Format” which allows you to set the format to either 12h or 24h, whichever you find suitable.

The “More Options” section provides you other miscellaneous features enabling you to share this application, Rating and apprising you of their privacy policy.

Final Words

After going through all the mentioned attributes, this application is undoubtedly the top-tier featured solution for the users prioritizing the optimum safety with an elegant appearance. It delivers you all the elements that a screen lock application should feature, and that is without any snags. You can unleash the royal look of your devices with this nonpareil lock screen app.

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