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Poco F4 5G

Poco F4 5G: Specs and Price in India

Waiting to know Poco F4 smartphone launch date? No more waiting then! It’s the end of your waiting now. 

Poco is the new brand that many people like to buy these days. They are mainly known for their good battery life and other features. Taking the brand to the peak, Poco F4 is out now. Yess! To know more about the launching date of the Poco F4 smartphone go through our post below.

In this post along with the launch date of the Poco F4 Smartphone we will also give a little attention to the features and expected price of the Poco F4 Smartphone.

Poco F4 5G Smartphone Launch Date 

Well! You no need to wait too long now as the Poco F4 5G Smartphone launch date is today. Yes! It’s today, June 23, 2022. Poco released the date and time for launching the Poco F4 Smartphone recently. 

You may also be eager to know how the Poco F4 Smartphone looks and what are the features of the Smartphone. Well! No need to worry you can find those here.

Features of Poco F4 5G Smartphone 

Poco F4 Smartphone is the recent version of the Poco family which is joining it today! Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of the New Poco F4 smartphone. 

The Smartphone has a display of 6.67 inches with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels. It comes in four attractive colours: Blue, Read, Purple and White. It has a triple camera of 64MP, 8MP and 5MP and a front camera with 16MP.

It has the storage capacities of 64GB and 128GB with a 6GB RAM and includes a 4500mAh battery. The Poco F4 Smartphone is processed by Snapdragon 870.

The Smartphone can be unlocked with the in built fingerprint sensor and the battery comes with a fast charging power. The Smartphone has a loudspeaker with stereo speakers. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack which may be a drawback to the Smartphone.

Poco F4 Smartphone Price 

Price is something to be concerned about when buying anything. In the case of the Poco F4 Smartphone it is ₹24,999 but some sources may show a different price. Overall you can get the Smartphone under ₹30,000. It’s affordable and hence you can get the phone home soon. 

The online platform offers a few discounts and schemes which you can use to get the Smartphone at a low price. It’s not that sure but you can try out once.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few questions that you can go through to know more about the Poco F4 Smartphone.

Is Poco a good brand?

To be honest, Poco is good compared to Xiaomi. Poco provides good functioning of the device and has a good battery life. Other than these it has many other features that makes it the best one. Hence you can go ahead with Poco.

Is Poco F4 GT Waterproof?

It may have many other good features but it is not confirmed that it is waterproof and hence if you are searching for a waterproof Smartphone then you better avoid this as it is not a waterproof device.

Is the Poco F4 GT worth buying?

The Poco F4 GT features superb physical specifications for the pricing, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. With incredibly rapid charging, trigger buttons, and game-enhancing software features, it is a competent gaming phone that, because of its understated look, can pass for an ordinary smartphone.


Poco F4 Smartphone Launch Date is released now. You no longer need to wait. You can go through the complete details of the Smartphone. Hope you got what you were searching for in our post. If there is anything you need to ask about the Poco F4 Smartphone you can post it in our comment section. We will be reaching you within no time.

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