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Best App to Make Unlimited Calls and Texts Without a Sim Card

Best App to Make Unlimited Calls and Texts Without a Sim Card

There are many Best apps which can help you make calls and texts without having an actual sim card, but Textnow is probably considered to be the best of its kind.

Textnow: This is an application that is available in the US. This app helps the users call and text their beloved ones without paying anything and that too for an unlimited time period.

You just need to download the app and choose a phone number of your choice according to the US area code and enjoy the calls and texts at free of cost.

You Must have an internet connection to make use of this app. It may be your personal data or may be a wifi connection. One more thing to be noted is the calls are free only in the US. You can make calls internationally for free itself but need to watch ads or give credits.

To look more at the app specifications let’s go deep into the topic. Here are the specifications of the Textnow app that allows you to make free and unlimited texts and calls especially in the US.

Textnow App: A Brief Overview

As we have seen in the above section, the textnow app is a free app that is helpful to make free calls and texts in the US. Let’s look at the other specifications that make it the best app for unlimited texts and calls.

You have an option to add another number if you want to keep your personal numbers and professional numbers separate. Textnow helps you connect yourself to more than 230 countries with a very low cost. 

You can keep passwords to the texts so that you can maintain your privacy and if you find it difficult to remember the password then you can also use Google smart lock. You can also head on to a variety of customized texts, vibrations, ringtones etc.

This app simply reduces your phone bill and helps you to enjoy unlimited texts and calls. You just need to add the basic information after downloading the app and then you can select your desired number to enjoy its services.

Steps to Change Number in Textnow App

If you are already having a phone number and want to change the number with the textnow app then here are a few steps you can follow on both Android and Apple devices.

  • Firstly download the textnow app on your device.
  • Then fill in all the required information. 
  • At the top left corner you will find the menu option, go there and click settings.
  • There you will find your profile and account under which there will be a textnow number.
  • Now click on the option saying Get a New Phone Number and confirm it to change you existing number with the textnow number

That’s it! Your phone number will be changed with the textnow number.

How Does Textnow Work?

It’s very easy to use the textnow app. As soon as you download the app from the playstore you need to add some basic info. Next following the above mentioned procedure you can get a textnow number using which you can enjoy unlimited texts and calls for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Textnow have Unlimited Calling?

Yes obviously as said prior Textnow is the app that promotes users to enjoy its unlimited services like calls and texts at free of cost. You need not to worry much textnow definitely offers unlimited calling.

How long does a TextNow call last?

Fortunately, that portion is simple! If you use your free TextNow number at least once every day, it will remain active eternally. You may also buy Lock In Number or Ad Free+, which will lock your phone number to your account for the duration of your subscription.

How can I find out who a TextNow number belongs to?

It’s simple to find a textnow number owner you just need to visit the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup site where you will find a TextNow number lookup tool where you need to type the number of the person you are searching for. That’s it within a few seconds you will get the person info.

Does TextNow keep you anonymous?

No! TextNow does not provide anonymity. The software gathers information such as your phone number and provider. When you sign up for an account, you will be given your IP address.

Final Words

You all may be searching for the option to minimize the bills of your phone calls and internet unfortunately the app called textnow is more beneficial for the US residents. But if you are one of them, then you can happily move to the textnow app and enjoy its amazing services.

Hope this post was helpful to you and you are really gonna use the app to minimize your phone bills. If you have any queries you can reach us at any time, we are always happy to help you.

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