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How To Watch Tata IPL 2022 For Free

How To Watch Tata IPL 2022 For Free?

IPL is again back in India this year, 2022. All the cricket lovers might be very excited to watch it on the television with a handful of popcorn and coke. Recently, disney+hotstar has become a virtual way to IPL cricket as it has again set the live stream IPL 2022 online in India. In addition to that, Disney+ Hotstar added more engaging features such as ball-by-ball predictor games, group chatting, emojis, and a multi-cam feed.

The Tv channels on which IPL 2022 streams are Star sports network in different languages, star gold, Gold HD, Gold 2. But if you switched to a digital user, you have to watch IPL 2022 on the Disney+ Hotstar app. According to their revised plans, they announced three plans: Mobile, Super, and Premium. The estimated cost is 499 annually.

In this article, you will get a list of so many ways to end here now. Choose any way that you think is easy and clever. We know many legit ways that can allow you to watch Tata IPL 2022 live stream for FREE on Tv, Laptop, PC, or mobile.

We all know that if you watch directly on disney+Hotstar, it is not free anymore. But, What if I told you that it is possible to use them whenever you select a recharge plan as a jio or airtel user? Yes, a jio or airtel user can watch IPL 2022 live stream exclusively for FREE. How? Let’s see..

How To Watch Tata IPL 2022 Without Subscription?

In the first few days of jio sim launch, jio users were able to watch most of the Disney+ Hotstar content for free. But due to some reasons they have changed the conditions now. This article will guide you through the correct ways to use a jio plan without any troubleshooting later. There is a list of appropriate recharge plans through which you can enjoy watching IPL 2022 for FREE.

JIO Prepaid Plans

In comparison to airtel JIO users enjoy more benefits than airtel. Doing a big recharge on your JIO number offers you a Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription. Let’s have a look at those options:

  1. Jio Rs 401- Disney+ Hotstar, Mobile annual subscription on, 6GB additional data, unlimited voice/messages.
  2. Jio Rs 598- 2Gb data per day. disney+ Hotstar, validity of 56 days, unlimited calls and messages  with Jio Cinema and Jio Saavn.
  3. Jio Rs 777- 1.5Gb per day with free subscription of Disney+ Hotstar, unlimited voice calls and messages, Jio security, Jio Tv, Jio cloud.
  4. Jio Rs 2,599-  2Gb per day, validity lasts for 365 days. Disney+ hotstar free subscription, 10Gb additional data, free voice calls and unlimited messages, Jio saavn, Jio Cinema and Jio security.
  5. Jio Rs 549- Add on data pack that allows you to watch disney+ hotstar without any fear of running out of data.
  6. Jio Rs 3999- It is a Jio fibre plan that gives you unlimited @1 Gb data for 30 days. It includes netflix, amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar VIP, sony liv, Zee5, Voot, Eros now and discovery.

Choosing any of the plans above you can enjoy watching IPL 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar for free and take wickets on your smartphone, tablets or tv. These affordable plans allow you to watch LIVE streaming of IPL for cricket lovers because only cricket lovers know the pain of missing the match because of power cut or anything. You don’t have to compromise on watching IPL anymore. Every plan of Jio includes many additional benefits when compared to airtel. You cannot only watch cricket but also other sports like football, F1, Kabaddi and other sports etc. Enjoy watching IPL along with your favourite web series and movies.

Airtel Prepaid Plans

Airtel subscription starts from 401 till 2,698. 

  1. Airtel Rs 401- 3Gb data per day, validity last for 28 days with disney plus hotstar subscription.
  2. Airtel Rs 448- 3Gb data per day with validity of 28 days. Free disney+ hotstar subscription and unlimited calls and messages.
  3. Airtel Rs 599- 2Gb data per day with validity of 56 days. Disney+ hotstar subscription and unlimited calls and messages.
  4. Airtel Rs 2,698- 2Gb data per day with validity of 365 days. Free disney plus hotstar subscription, unlimited calls and messages.

You can choose any of the plans above according to your convenience. 

How To Activate The Prepaid Plans For Jio Or Airtel?

#Step-1 Choose any one of the plans above listed according to your sim card.

#Step-2 Click on the login option on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

#Step-3 Enter your Jio/ Airtel number there.

#Step-4 Once you enter the four digit Otp received on your mobile through messages, the plan is activated for disney+ Hotstar subscription.

#Step-5: Now enjoy watching live streaming of Tata IPL 2022 on your mobile screen for Free.

How To Watch Disney+ Hotstar on TV?

You can go for Google Chrome, which is an Android mini Pc that connects and mirrors the mobile screen on your TV.

Second option is to look for the HDMI port on your laptop and get an HDMI cable to connect your Laptop to the HDMI port.

YUPPTV App To Watch IPL 2022 For FREE

YuppTv is the perfect app to watch IPL 2022 on Android or Tv for free. It is listed as best because you can install it even if you are outside the country. YuppTv allows live streaming of cricket matches online for all over the world for free. Other apps such as IPL 2022, Tata play can also be considered to watch IPL 2022 for free. This apps does not need any premium subscription as annual or monthly. They stream IPL live on your mobile screen.


Can I Watch IPL on more than one screen with one account?

No, you cannot watch IPL streaming on more than one screen due to the policies of your recharge plan or subscription.

How To Watch IPL without a hotstar subscription?

If you are living in India there are only two ways to watch IPL: tv or disney+ hotstar. You don’t have to think about a subscription if you are one of the Jio or airtel users because they give their users free access to Disney+ hotstar according to the recharge plan you chose. But if you are not living in India, you can get a subscription from YuppTV. They broadcast live streaming of IPL 2022. 

Can I watch IPL on Jiotv?

Yes, You can watch IPL on jio Tv if you have any of the jio plans activated which gives you access to their jio apps.

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