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How to Translate Text from English to Hindi?

How to Translate Text from English to Hindi?

As of today, people are witnessing a sea change in the number of active internet connections. We can easily see the surge in the active internet users having their accounts on various platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, etc. Given that, the upright reasons are easy accessibility to the Internet combined with cheap rates making it prevalent among the entire Indian continent. So, users are readily active on social media sites talking with each other. These situations will eventually lead the users to face the language barrier. Hence, the “Hi Translate” application comes in handy, alleviating the language problem.

Let’s get straight to its brief elucidation to give you a detailed notion.

Detailed elucidation of “Hi Translate” App

The Hi Translate application facilitates the fathoming of unfamiliar text that pops up on the device screen. It supports over 100 diverse languages providing an assisting interface to a larger group of users while talking with a person speaking the indecipherable language. This app proves to be an excellent utility for the native Hindi speaker readily translating the messages or other text apace. It provides the convenient “Offline Translation” letting you readily decipher the messages in foreign languages without even an active internet connection.

This application provides efficient viability owing to the widget displaying over other applications. Hence, it becomes easier to translate the messages appearing in these applications.

Now, the further article will read the elaborated setup process. It will further apprise you of aspects for pulling off practical translation using this application.

Installation & Features

Search “Hi Translate” on the Google Play store of your android device. With over 50 million downloads and 17Mb size, you can easily identify this app and hit the download button. Then open the application after the successful installation. The application will first ask you for Permission, namely “Permit drawing over other apps”. Thereafter, you have to turn ON the Accessibility option in the settings for efficient working.

Home Screen

On the home screen, you will see a conspicuous button for turning the translation on/off through this application. Below exists a drag-down list to set the nature of translation, like Simple, General, or Speech. You can choose the languages of your choice in the associated bar. However, the application will automatically detect the language and translate it for you.


This outstanding feature will educate you by providing the phrases and their translation in the desired language. There are several categories of basic linguistic phrases under this section. Help & Medical, Time & Data, Work, Hotels, Travels, and Greetings are some of them.


Under this section, the “Favourite” option will exhibit every text or phrase you bookmarked for later revisions. Then the offline mode will facilitate the translation in the absence of internet connectivity. It requires you to download the language pack that you will frequently be using offline.

You can toggle the handy widget appearing in the notification panel. It is readily available and will speed up the process of translating indecipherable phrases. For quick understanding, there is a “Tutorial” option under the settings section. It will provide you with the entire notion of its functioning.

Concluding Words

Every feature of this app makes it the most reliable and pragmatic solution for translating texts. With its help, translating those indecipherable texts will become plain sailing while easing the communication with your foreign friends. is a safe news website and our team provide you technology news and our website does not provide any trading investing, or other financial advice. By using this site you affirm that you have read and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditons. For question please Contact us.

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