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How to Share Live Screen while using Dialer

How to Share Live Screen while using Dialer

Many people face problems sharing their screen with their close ones when talking with them or want to share something with their friends immediately but don’t want to send it to them forever; they fail to do so because of network issues or app faults. In that case, you can surely use the Vani meeting apps through which you can share your screen with your friend that he can view by using the same application.

How to Share your Live screen on another device with Vani Meeting?

Many of you may desire to share your screen with your close ones when you view something extraordinary and at the same time talk with them as if you are sitting with them and watching something. So for this, the Vani Meeting app has made a platform that allows its users to talk with people and show them things that you are viewing on your device.

How to Use the Vani Meeting App?

Firstly you need to download the app that is readily available on the google play store, after which you need to open it and then fill out the required details and give it all the access that it asks for.

And by simply doing so, you can view all the insights of the app and use it freely. You will surely love this platform as this app would allow you to share links with your friends and family, through which you can share your screen with them immediately and enjoy talking with them.

It even has a paid plan through which you can increase your conferencing hours and increase the number of people you can connect with.

Why Choose the Vani Meeting App?

A few things make the Vani Meeting app different from several other apps present in the market that attract most people to choose this app to share their device’s screen with other people.

It is straightforward to use, and anyone can get comfortable using this platform very quickly.

This app will allow you to send the link to any social media platform you use without any hindrance and will allow another user of this app to use the link to see your device’s screen.

Suppose you are going to use this platform for business purposes. In that case, it is highly recommended that users use the paid version of this app so that you are not restricted during your conference hours or get fewer people in the meeting. This app can be handy for a businessman as it is economical as it uses significantly fewer data during the meeting hours.


Here we end our post on the Vani Meeting app, through which you can easily share your device’s screen with your friends, family or colleagues. This app is fantastic, and we hope you will try the app once.

The feature provided by this app at such an economical rate makes it attractive to people, and it is a safe app to be used.

Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the app, then you can remove all the access that it has asked for before from your device so that after uninstallation, it doesn’t have any access to your device. We hope that this article was helpful to you and you gained enough knowledge about the Vani Meeting app. If you have any further queries, you can reach us.

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