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How to Make Netflix Auto Skip Intro on TV?

How to Make Netflix Auto Skip Intro on TV?

Streaming your favorite shows on Netflix can be interrupted by those repetitive intros. However, there’s a way to automate this process and dive straight into the content you love without lifting a finger. Here’s a detailed guide on making Netflix automatically skip intros on your TV.

Understanding the Basics

Netflix offers a seamless viewing experience, but sometimes the intros can become a bit repetitive. However, utilizing specific settings and tricks can help you bypass this hurdle effortlessly.

Exploring Your Device Settings

Your TV or streaming device might have built-in settings that allow you to customize your Netflix experience. Dive into the settings menu and look for options related to playback or autoplay.

Navigating Netflix’s Interface

Netflix itself provides various user-friendly options that might allow you to control the intro skipping feature. Explore your account settings and preferences within the Netflix interface.

Configuring Your TV for Auto-Skipping

Netflix’s auto-skip feature might not be directly available, but fear not, as there are ways to ensure a smooth, intro-free streaming experience.

Enabling Auto-Play

Some TVs or streaming devices have an auto-play feature that can be activated. This feature often bypasses intros automatically, making your binge-watching sessions uninterrupted.

Utilizing External Applications

Certain third-party applications or browser extensions can sync with Netflix and enable auto-skip functionalities. Explore these options that align with your device and preferences.

Tips and Tricks for Seamless Viewing

Apart from the direct methods provided by Netflix or your device, there are additional tips and tricks to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Managing Watch Lists

Curating watch lists strategically can help you bypass intros. Prioritize shows where intros are often skipped automatically, offering a smoother viewing experience.

Bookmarking Episodes

Bookmarking episodes at the end of the intro or right before the content starts ensures you jump directly into the action, saving time and bypassing the intro seamlessly.

How to Make Netflix Auto Skip Intro on TV?

One of the effective ways to enable auto-skip is by leveraging your TV’s autoplay features or exploring external applications that sync with Netflix.

Optimizing Your Viewing Experience

Adjusting Playback Settings

Explore the playback settings on your TV or streaming device. Some devices allow you to adjust playback speed or skip certain sections, which might help bypass intros.

Utilizing Playback Shortcuts

Familiarize yourself with playback shortcuts. Sometimes, simple commands like fast-forward or skip can navigate past intros swiftly.

Personalizing Preferences

Tailoring settings to your preferences can significantly enhance your Netflix experience.

Creating User Profiles

Setting up individual user profiles on Netflix can streamline preferences, potentially leading to more accurate auto-skip functionalities.

Feedback and Suggestions

Netflix often values user feedback. Providing suggestions for features like auto-skip intros might influence future updates.

Enhancing Efficiency

Making Netflix auto-skip intros on your TV isn’t just about skipping the beginning; it’s about maximizing efficiency and enjoying uninterrupted viewing.

Exploring Netflix Updates

Keep an eye out for Netflix updates. Sometimes, new features are introduced that can streamline your viewing experience.

Sharing Insights

Discussing these tips and tricks with fellow Netflix enthusiasts might reveal additional methods or shortcuts.


Is there a built-in option on Netflix to skip intros automatically?

Netflix doesn’t have a native option to auto-skip intros, but there are workarounds to achieve this seamlessly.

Do all TV models support auto-skipping of intros on Netflix?

Not all TVs have built-in features for auto-skipping, but various devices and applications offer this functionality.

Can third-party apps interfere with the Netflix viewing experience?

When chosen carefully, third-party apps or extensions can enhance the viewing experience without compromising security or quality.

Will auto-skipping affect the content viewing or its continuity?

Auto-skipping intros is designed to maintain continuity, ensuring a seamless transition into the content without any loss of context.

Are there limitations to auto-skipping intros?

Occasionally, certain shows or movies might not support auto-skip due to content variations or settings chosen by content creators.

Can auto-skipping be customized for specific shows or genres?

Some methods allow customization, enabling users to set preferences for specific shows or genres.


Mastering the art of making Netflix auto-skip intros on your TV can elevate your binge-watching experience. Utilize the outlined methods and tips to seamlessly transition from intros to the content you love.

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