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How to lock my phone with Touch Photo Password?

How to lock my phone with Touch Photo Password?

With the accessibility to the cheap Internet and Smartphones devices, their sales have skyrocketed. Nowadays, everyone owns a Smartphone device and requires some excellent features with high-end security to astonish their peers. What if I told you that you get privacy and desired appearance within one mobile application? Yes! The “Touch Lock Screen – Easy & Strong Photo Password” app does the trick here. It delivers that longed-for privacy combined with superior protection and desired lock screen wallpaper to enhance the impression.

So, getting straight to the point, let us shed some light on the Touch Lock Screen application together with its features and installation.

What is the “Touch Lock Screen – Easy & Strong Photo Password” application?

This application enables the lock screen to set any photo of yours as background while making the specific positions on your set background as touch passwords. The set photo is customizable, and touch locations for a password can be your nose, hand, eyes, or any object displayed in that picture.

This great app is like a dream for many users, fond of their captured moments and want to show those pictures, including the best shot taken, their beloved parents, wifey, girlfriend, any ideal, or celebrity. This app works well in sync with the needs of security and setting up admired photos as background.

Installation & Setup Procedure for Touch Lock Screen application

Follow the enlisted steps thoroughly to set the graphic password on your Smartphone.

Step-1: Search it on the application store of your device by entering the Touch lock screen.

Step-2: Download the app (around 6Mb in size) and let the auto-installation complete.

Step-3: On opening the application, you will land on the Quick Tutorial screen. Go through the whole tutorial to get the hang of this touch password app.

Step-4: After the Quick Tutorial, allow the asked permissions, including Drawing over other Apps and Access contacts and calls for effective functioning.

Step-5: You will see around six sections of Photos. To add your photo, click on the “Photo Change” circular button below the sixth section.

Step-6: Then, by clicking any photo, you can add your desired picture.

Step-7: After adding the photo(s), click on any picture you want to display on the Lockscreen.

Step-8: It will take you to the touch password setup screen. Here, you can easily select around two to four touch positions for unlocking your phone.

Step-9: On confirming the selected positions, click the Finish button. The app will ask for the Recovery Password in case you forgot the set positions. Hence, enter the recovery passcode you wish.

With this, the installation and setup procedures are complete. Now let’s discuss some tips that would make this app more efficient in providing strong security.

  • Choose the image with many apparent positions to enhance the security.
    Setting up more positions at a single spot would make it considerably convenient and quick while unlocking.
  • The position should be unpredictable or something in the background which is inconspicuous.
  • Using biometric options is expensive and can be easily exploited when you sleep. Using this lock feature is more secure and unique, or we should say one of its kind in the Market.

Final Words

In brief, the application Touch Lock Screen – Easy & Strong Photo Password is the best available option. It delivers the functionalities covering all your requirements regarding privacy and setting up those desired photos on the Lockscreen. Download it and enjoy the safety with the appearance you yearned for.

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