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Efficiently Forward the Incoming Call on Your Smartphone

How to Efficiently Forward the Incoming Call on Your Smartphone?

With the exponential increment in the Smartphone owners, the requirement of various features also rises. One such exotic feature is forwarding the incoming call, which comes in-built with your smartphone. However, enabling this feature might be cumbersome for many, and they seek a simplistic solution for this. Hence, it is where the Call Forwarding application comes in handy.

This article will give you information about the various aspects of this application in detail. We will apprise you of app features and detailed procedure of installation and setting it up.

What is the Call Forwarding Application?

This app provides the functionality of forwarding incoming calls to any other contact number within a click. Its simplistic and efficient User-Interface allows you readily forward the incomings to the target mobile number depending on the five conditions. You can either choose to implement the call forwarding option to all the numbers or while you are busy or not available.

How to Carry Out the Downloading and Installing Process?

Below we provided the step-by-step guide to download and install the application. Let’s get started.

Step-1: On your Smartphone, go to the Google Play Store application.

Step-2: Search for the application named “Call Forwarding” with the green-colored phone icon in the center of the blue messaging icon. It is developed and uploaded by Android Buddy.

Step-3: You can skip the above steps and click on the below link to directly reach the app downloading page on Play Store.

Step-4: Click on the Install button. The application (nearly 9Mb in size) will download and automatically install on your phone.

Following these steps, you will have downloaded the app till now. Let’s move onto the setting up process.

How to Set up the Call Forwarding Application?

Now, we will walk you through the effective setup procedure of the Call Forwarding application.

Step-1: After the successful installation, open the application.

Step-2: You will come across the home page. You can see five options are available, namely All Call, Not Answered, Not Reachable, All Conditional, and Call Waiting.

Step-3: The first four sections will give you the option to forward the call based on the chosen condition. You can select the All Calls and enter the target number and activate this feature.

Otherwise, if you wish to select forward the call only when busy, your go-to option is Call Waiting. Besides, you can specifically choose the not reachable, not answered, or conditional options to forward the required calls according to that chosen section.

Step-4: After choosing the section and entering the target number, click on Activate. Thus, from now on, you can readily forward the calls on the go.

Addendum: If you get confused between the options, the Details button available in every section will explain the purpose of that section.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to shed some light on this excellent and convenient application. It is a quick and efficacious solution in forwarding the calls with just one click. The simplistic approach is the unique point and the chief reason to consider this app to forward your important calls if your number is unavailable.

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