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How To Change iPhone Name 2022

How To Change iPhone Name 2022

How To Change your iPhone Name: You have the option to give your new iPhone a memorable name, such as “Elon’s iPhone 14,” when you buy one. However, there are several reasons why you may need to change the name entered on your phone during setup. Perhaps you bought a used i Phone and want to change the name of the previous owner, or perhaps you gave a mobile device to a friend. Luckily, changing the name of your iPhone is really easy. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons you might need to rename your iPhone, and how it can be done.

Why Change the Name of Your iPhone?

Even if the name on your iPhone may sound private, there are situations where it could very well be made public. If you buy a used phone and want to change the name of the previous owner, then you should be aware of this.

If you connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth device, such as a car sound system, your phone’s name may appear on the screen. AJdditionally, your phone’s name can be seen when connected to a PC, in iCloud Reinforcement and AirDrop.

How to change your iPhone Name?

#1. Open settings: If you can’t find the Settings app on your Home screen, you can also swipe down in the middle of the screen to extend your phone’s search functionality.

#2. Click on Broad: After launching the Settings app on your iPhone, the “General” page needs to open. You can monitor multiple phone settings in this location.

#3. Click About: You can find more information, such as your previous phone number, on the Brief Description page. You can also rename your iPhone on this page.

#4. Click on Name: To change the name of your iPhone, click a name.

#5. Change the name of your iPhone: Now, you are ready to change the name of your iPhone.

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