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Deleting a Paytm Account

Deleting a Paytm Account (Both Business and Normal) – Made Easy

Are you searching for deleting a Paytm account in an easy way then we have got you covered. This is the place where you can get the one you are searching for.

As we all know that business has been improving the quality of living in the modern era. As the majority of people are interested in the business, money management has become a serious challenge.

To compensate for this, the usage of Paytm accounts has been a solution. They are not only used for money transferring but they also provide cash back and also reward for every payment. However, these Paytm accounts are also widely misused. Even though it has a lot of uses, many users are preferring to delete accounts in this app in order to avoid misuse.

Without consuming much of your time, let’s briefly discuss deleting a Paytm account in an understanding way. But before deleting a paytm account, there are few steps you need to follow. Here are they,

Steps to be Followed Before Deleting Paytm Account

As said, there are few things you need to follow before deleting the Paytm account they are:

Step01: Open Paytm app

Unlock your mobile and navigate to Paytm icon and tap on it.

Step02: Transferring the money to another Paytm wallet 

After clicking on the paytm icon, the Paytm home page will be opened. You will get four options like pay, send money to account, to mobile and to self. Tap on the pay and you get a QR scanner. Scan the QR code on the phone of the individual to whom you wish to send money.

Step03: Select the Paytm wallet

The name of the person will appear after scanning the QR code. Then you get an option like choose an option to pay, tap on it and select paytm wallet.

Step04: Pay the money

After selecting the option, enter the amount you want to send and tap on the pay button.

If you want to transfer money to your own  account or someone else’s account, you can send it, if you know your customer(KYC) is complete.

How to Delete Your Paytm Account – Both Temporarily and Permanently

Here’s what to do,

1 Deleting Paytm Account Temporarily

if you need to temporarily disable your Paytm account for personal reasons or because you misplaced your phone.

This will help to protect your account balance as well as your transaction history. You can easily unlock it and regain access to your Paytm account later.

Follow the instructions below to temporarily disable your Paytm account.

Step01: Download Paytm

Download the latest version of Paytm through Google Play Store. After downloading, login with the account that you want to delete.

Step02: Select profile icon

Tap on the profile icon that is present on the top left side and select 24/7 help.

And then click on Manage my Paytm account.

Step03: Tap on the options

After clicking on the Manage my Paytm account. You will get options, then select on I have lost my phone and changed my phone number. And then select I am unable to access my account.

After that you will get options in that select, I need to block my Paytm account.

Step04: Provide Self details

After selecting all the options, you need to provide yourself or the details that you submitted before for confirmation. Submit the details correctly. Then submit the block request.

Step05: Receiving the message

Paytm will send you a Confirmation message after solving your problem. Your Paytm will be blocked temporarily within 2 days.

2 Deleting Paytm Account Permanently

If you have two Paytm accounts and you are trying to delete one to avoid KYC problems then you can follow the below procedure

Step01: Open Paytm app

Switch on the mobile and unlock it. Navigate to the Paytm icon and tap on it to open.

Step02: Tap on profile icon

Paytm homepage will be opened, then tap on the profile icon which is present on the top left corner.

Step03: Click on the 24/7

After clicking on it, scroll down and you will get the option as 24/7 help. Tap on it

Step04: Tab on the more products and services

After clicking on the 24/7 help option, you need to click on more products and services. 

Step05: Tap on profile settings

After clicking on the more products and services scroll down and you will get an option profile settings. Click on it.

Step06: Select the options

After going into profile settings you have to select options like I want to close and delete my account after clicking on it  they will ask other options like I don’t use a Paytm account.

Step07: Select on message us

When you select the above option you will get some paytm guidelines and then scroll down till the end and select the message us option.

Step08: Note on the text box

You will find a text box after clicking on the message us option and then text, why do you want to close the account? and then hit the send button.

After hitting the send button, within two days you will receive a message through email saying that your Paytm account is deleted.

How to Delete Your Paytm Business Account? 

Here we are providing an easy way to delete your paytm business account. Thus, using this method will save you a lot of time.

Step01: Open the Paytm app

Open your Paytm app and login with your Id and password.

Step02: Receiving OTP

After entering your details, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Enter your OTP in the required column. Then your homepage will be opened.

Step03: Tap on the settings

After opening your account, go to the account settings present in the top left corner and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Step04: Tap on deactivate option

At the bottom of the page you will find an option to deactivate the account. Tap on it.

Your business account will be deleted within two days if you provide a valid reason for deactivation.


In this article, we discussed deleting Paytm accounts. We hope that makes it easier for you to delete your account without any queries. If you have any doubts regarding the topic, post your questions in the comment box. If you like this article please Bookmark our page. Sign up for more updates.

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