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Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

35 Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

Challenges are a fantastic way to bond with friends, create lasting memories, and share laughter. Whether you’re looking for silly and lighthearted tasks or competitive and thrilling feats, there’s a challenge for every group. From physical tasks to creative endeavors, these challenges will keep your friends entertained and engaged. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 35 fun games like slot gacor to do with friends that are sure to make your time together unforgettable.

35 Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

1. The Whisper Challenge

Take turns wearing noise-canceling headphones while your friend whispers phrases that you have to guess.

2. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Watch funny videos or share jokes and see who can resist bursting into laughter the longest.

3. Chubby Bunny Challenge

Stuff your mouths with marshmallows and try to say “Chubby Bunny” without spitting them out.

4. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

One friend is blindfolded while the other attempts to do their makeup.

5. The Floor is Lava Challenge

Jump from one piece of furniture to another without touching the floor.

6. Smoothie Challenge

Blend together random ingredients and take turns trying the unconventional smoothies.

7. Baby Food Challenge

Taste various flavors of baby food and try to guess the correct ones blindfolded.

8. Try Not to Sing Challenge

Listen to your favorite songs without singing along.

9. 100 Layers Challenge

Stack on 100 layers of clothing, makeup, or any other item.

10. No Thumbs Challenge

Complete everyday tasks without using your thumbs.

11. Tin Can Challenge

Label cans with mystery ingredients and try them blindfolded.

12. The Hot Pepper Challenge

Eat hot peppers of increasing spiciness and see who lasts the longest.

13. Ice Bucket Challenge

Dump ice-cold water over your head to raise awareness for a cause.

14. Balloon Dart Challenge

Throw darts at balloons to pop them with specific challenges written inside.

15. Invisible Rope Challenge

Two friends pretend to hold an invisible rope while others attempt to walk between them.

16. Water Bottle Flip Challenge

Try to flip a water bottle and land it upright.

17. Try Not to Blink Challenge

Stare into each other’s eyes and see who can last the longest without blinking.

18. No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Apply makeup without using a mirror and see the results.

19. Backward Words Challenge

Say words or phrases backward and challenge others to guess what you said.

20. Oreo Challenge

Guess the flavor of different Oreo cookies blindfolded.

21. No Laughing Challenge

Watch funny videos and see who can keep a straight face.

22. Chopstick Challenge

Compete to pick up various items using chopsticks.

23. Try Not to Touch Challenge

Place tempting objects in front of participants and see who can resist touching them.

24. Saltine Cracker Challenge

Try to eat as many saltine crackers as possible in one minute without drinking.

25. Duct Tape Challenge

Use duct tape to secure a friend to a wall or chair.

26. Extreme Yoga Challenge

Attempt challenging yoga poses together and capture the results on camera.

27. Gargle Song Challenge

Hum a song while gargling water and have others guess the tune.

28. Bean Boozled Challenge

Take turns eating jelly beans with both tasty and gross flavors.

29. Emoji Pictionary Challenge

Draw emojis and have others guess the corresponding phrases.

30. Post-it Note Challenge

Cover a friend’s car or room with post-it notes.

31. Fitness Challenge

Compete in physical challenges like push-ups, planks, or jumping jacks.

32. Dance Off Challenge

Have a dance battle and showcase your best moves.

33. Jenga Tower Challenge

Build the tallest Jenga tower possible without toppling it.

34. Try Not to React Challenge

Watch scary or surprising videos without reacting.

35. The 24-Hour Challenge

Choose a fun activity or theme and spend an entire day participating in it.


Q: Are these challenges suitable for all ages?

Many of these challenges can be adapted to suit various age groups, but it’s essential to consider participants’ comfort and safety.

Q: Can these challenges be done virtually?

Yes, several challenges can be adapted for virtual gatherings using video conferencing platforms.

Q: How can I ensure everyone enjoys the challenges?

Encourage participation, create a supportive atmosphere, and allow individuals to opt-out of challenges they are uncomfortable with.

Q: Can I combine multiple challenges for a longer event?

Absolutely! Mix and match challenges to create a fun-filled day of activities with your friends.

Q: Are these challenges appropriate for team-building events?

Yes, many of these challenges can be excellent team-building exercises for coworkers or groups.

Q: What if someone refuses to participate in a challenge?

Respect their decision and offer alternative activities for them to enjoy during the challenge.


With these 35 fun games such as slot to do with friends, you have an array of exciting activities to enjoy together. Whether you’re testing your resilience in the Try Not to Laugh Challenge or unleashing your creativity in the Smoothie Challenge, these activities will bring joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments to your gatherings. So, gather your friends, prepare for some friendly competition, and embark on an adventure of fun and laughter!

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