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Downloading Facebook Story on Android, iPhone and PC – The Best Way

Downloading Facebook Story on Android, iPhone and PC – The Best Way

Downloading Facebook Story: These days online platforms like facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc have become more popular. Facebook stories are a great feature to express your feelings and get connected to your loved ones. Many people may be interested in downloading the Facebook stories which they like the most. Are you one of them? Need to know how to download Facebook stories? Then you are on the right path.

Facebook stories is such a good feature where people can reply to their stories and stay connected to them. Downloading Facebook stories, maybe a video or a photo is very simple these days. Yes! Now it is possible to save your liked videos or photos in your gallery on your mobile or PC. But how’s this possible?

This article is here to introduce you to a few methods using which you can download your favorite Facebook stories. We are going to tell you various apps for Android, PC and iPhones to download Facebook stories.

3 Best Ways to Download Facebook Stories on Android

Here are a few apps using which you can download Facebook stories.

01 Story Saver for FB

If you want to download Facebook videos for free then Story saver may be the best option. Below are the few steps you can follow to use the app.

  • Go to Google play store and search for Story Saver for Facebook App and then tap install.
    After installing the app allow all the permissions.
  • Then click on the “login with Facebook” option and then type your Facebook email and password.
  • Now, it opens a group of facebook stories.
  • Finally, you can search for a particular user’s story or can select from the stories displayed and click on the save button present at bottom right corner.
  • Your desired Story will be successfully saved on your device.

02 Use Phone’s Screen Recorder

Some people may not feel safe to use some new apps as there is a risk of leaking of personal information to third parties. So here Is another way which is safe and simple.

Change Your Server in Free Fire
This method can be used on both Android and iOS devices. What you simply need to do is just install the screen recorder on your Android and open the Facebook Story and start recording.

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Finally click save and the Story will be saved on your device.

03 Facebook Video Downloader App

This is another app to download Facebook Story videos. Below is the guide you can follow to use the app.

  • Go to the play store and install Facebook Video Downloader App.
  • Now login to your Facebook account in the app.
  • Select the Story you want to download.
  • Now click on the play button.
  • It will show you an option to download, select the video quality and tap download.
  • Your Facebook story will be successfully downloaded.
2 Best Ways to Download Facebook Stories On PC

To download Facebook stories on PC you can adopt the below mentioned methods.

01 Downloading Facebook Story on PC Using an Extension

Story saver chrome extension is the app which will help you to download Facebook stories on your PC. You can download both videos and photos using this app. Follow the steps given below to get your work done.

  • Install the Story Saver Chrome Extension on your PC.
  • Open it and then sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Search for the users stories you want to save and then click on the download icon given on the top.
  • This downloads the selected FB story.

02 Downloading Facebook Story on PC Using a Website

There are tons of websites that can download the Facebook Story videos but is the coolest among others. It’s very easy to download Facebook videos using this website just go ahead with the below steps.

  • Select the Facebook Story you want to download and then click copy video URL for current time.
  • Then navigate to
  • There you need to paste the story link that you have copied and then click download.
  • Then select the video quality available on the next page.
  • Right click the video and select the option to save it on your PC.
2 Best Ways to Download Facebook Stories on Your iPhone

To download Facebook stories on iPhone you can use the following apps.

01 Using Online Facebook Downloader

FBDownload is one of the various online Facebook downloaders which is easy to use and you can easily download Facebook Story videos. Follow the below simple steps to download your Facebook story videos.

  • DManager may be downloaded through the App Store. If you can’t locate it, you may view the app on the App Store by clicking this link.
  • Skip this step if you already have the URL to the video you wish to download. Otherwise, use the Facebook app on your iPhone and navigate to the video you want to save. Tap the Share icon in the lower right corner, then copy the link.
  • Paste the video’s link you want to download in the search box after the website has loaded and then click the download button.
  • When the downloads are completed, a table with all of the available video resolutions and download URLs is presented. Hold down a download button and select Download from the pop-up menu that opens.
  • This should download the Facebook Story you selected.

02 Total Files App

Using the Total Files App you can easily download a Facebook Story video on your iPhone. Follow the below basic steps to get your work done.

  • Navigate to the App Store and search for the Total Files App and press the download button.
  • Then open the app and click on the globe icon present on the bottom right side and then add your Facebook address in the internal browser.
  • Now, search for your desired Facebook Story video and click the play button there you will find the download option and press it.
  • At last, on the upper right corner you will find the Finish option.
  • This completes the process of downloading the Facebook Story videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Save Facebook Stories?

Yes! It’s absolutely possible to download the Facebook stories there are various apps available to do that work for you. Above provided apps are safe and very much useful to save the Facebook stories.

How is it Possible to add Effects to the Instagram Story?

You can add effects to your video or photo stories by clicking on the wand icon present at the left. There you will find a number of effects from which you can choose one for your Facebook story.

Can we Save our Story after 24 hours?

Yes! After 24 hours you can save your Facebook story with you in the archive. This Story will be visible to you only and you can even remove it from your archive whenever you want.

Wrapping Up

Hope, you all are satisfied with the content. The above were a few ways that you can adopt to download Facebook stories in a simpler way. If you really wanna download your liked Facebook stories then feel free to make use of the above methods.

If you are struggling with any queries then just leave it to us. Our comment box is always open for your questions.

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