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How to Set Custom Images on Notification Bar in Your Phone?

How to Set Custom Images on Notification Bar in Your Phone?

Here you are going to learn How to Set Custom Images on Notification Bar in your android device, using an application called Material Notification Shade. This app is the best and advanced notification panel customizer I have seen so far…!

It is designed to seamlessly change themes according to your mood and taste to brighten your day. You get the most modern design feature for your device. If you feel that your notification bar doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s and more attractive? Then You should try out this application.

So, let’s discuss What is Material Notification Shade application and how it works. If you are bored and tired of using smartphones with the same notification bar? Then try out the app we discussed.

What is Material Notification Shade App?

This app will make your smartphone stand out by bringing the feature to customize the notification bar. One can add his/her favorite image behind the notification screen and also control the percentage of blur-ness to that image.

Gesture Detection feature is used in this application to help you with a custom quick settings menu when you swipe down to reveal your notifications and a ton of customization.

Material Notification Shade

Key Features of Material Notification Shade: –

Not only just the customization of images in the notification bar but also this app gives other features.

1. This app provides Stock Themes based on Nougat and Oreo Android-supported smartphones.
2. The chance to control Full-Color Customization. Color all elements to your taste including the base layout.
3. Receive, read, snooze or dismiss the notifications the way you like – Powerful Notifications.
4. Quick Reply Feature – Now Reply to all your messages as soon as you see them using the quick reply feature. Good thing is, this feature is available for all Android 5.0+ devices.
5. Auto Bundled Feature – If you are tired of that one app that spams notifications, then they can be controlled and grouped for easy control.
6. Quick Settings Panel and Notification Card themes are other best features of this app.

These features help you customize the phone’s notification bar using a few clicks only. This app is also very easy to use even though I tried it myself.

Some Other Useful Information: This app does not change anything in your system as it has limited power in the quick settings area. Rooting is optional, you can grant it root access though to control the settings like cannot toggle mobile data, location services, etc. so it opens the settings page for you.

How To Set Custom Images on Notification Bar through Material Notification Shade?

So, if you want to Set Custom Images on Notification Bar on Your Phone, Download the mentioned application on your phone from the Google Play Store very easily.

Also, this app is downloaded by more than 10Lakhs smartphone users. Note: This app uses accessibility services.

Though the changes have done are very small within this app, the difference you feel on your Phone is Amazing, Easy, and Effective.

Now enjoy every second of using your mobile phone by customizing the notifications panel easily and comfortably. Make your Smartphone Stand out of the ordinary…!

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