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How to Get Call History of Any Number – The Best Way

How to Get Call History of Any Number – The Best Way

Nowadays, checking the call history has been quite essential since it allows you to determine whom you called and when.

The date a call was dialed or received, the number from your contacts, and the duration of the call, all these are recorded in the call history records.

Checking call records has several benefits like you can monitor the calls made at your company, you can also use this in tracking people, and many more; but this isn’t as simple as it’s said.

So, would you like to know how to acquire a mobile number’s call history? If yes, give your attention to this post.

There are multiple ways to get a mobile number’s call history. The simplest way is to reach the sim operator and ask for the call details, but most operators will reject this, and many will only allow you in case of postpaid plans.

Then how are you going to get the details you need? Well no worries, we got your back there. There is this specific app named ‘How to Get Call History of Any Number’ which came to my notice when I was searching for the same, and here I am writing a post on it.

App to Get Call History of Any Number

This is an application which is developed by Anand apprech team, and this is easily available on PlayStore. As the name suggests this app will help you get call logs of almost any number you need.

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The only thing to concern about this is you need to have an android mobile whose version is more than 4.1 and has a sufficient space for the app (15MB recommended).

Does this App Really Work?

Well, to be honest as you all know there is no specific thing which is certain, thus the same happens in this app. The thing I noticed here is that this might work sometimes and might not work. I am just saying to give it a shot, and tell us your experience in the comments section (regardless of the result).

The app developers also claim that you can get the report in a XL sheet and make use of it, and they have also mentioned that it can store upto 1000 days of logs.

How to Use the App?

This is a really simple process, just install and open the app, and give the permissions it asks, later you just need to follow the instructions on the screen. That’s it as smooth as butter!

Disclaimer: There is no specific process to get the call details by any means. And every process mentioned on the web has its limitations. So be wise while working with apps or websites like this. We recommend just having a try on this, and please don’t rely on it!

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