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Best Ways for Getting Free Airpods

7 Best Ways for Getting Free Airpods

Music is the best mood elevator that anyone can get to hear but we cannot listen to music in public as we wish to. Airpods are a boon to most of the music fascinators. Through the earpods you can get to listen to your favorite music and can also attend the important calls. Airpods are very easy to carry when compared to headphones, we can carry them with ease and can be easily handled. Getting airpods of the best sound quality is a dream of most of you but some may afford it and some may not. Those who cannot afford these airpods can get their dream one through these 07 ways.

7 Best ways for getting airpods for free

You can get free airpods through these ways.

1 Asking it as a present

You can get airpods by simply asking your parents as a gift on a special occasion. You can also get it as a present from your friends. Some of the companies offer gift cards that can assist you to win free airpods.

2 Through Contests

Many firms and corporations hold contests to increase their brand awareness and product sales. They give away a variety of prizes in these contests, one of which is a free airpods.

These contests are held in order to attract a large number of individuals and promote the brand. Both the contest organizer and the contest participant gain from this. You will undoubtedly receive free airpods if you are fortunate.

3 Participating in Lucky Draws or Dips

Participating in lucky draws and dips at prominent malls or stores is the most popular approach that anyone can try. This strategy is worth trying. You can’t be certain that you’ll win the airpods because everything is up to chance.

You’ve probably seen something like spin the wheel before. These are the lucky draws in which you can participate since airpods are occasionally given away. These lucky draw contents will be posted on several websites, such as Pinterest and Amazon. As a result, this method can also be used to obtain a free iPhone.

4 From Super coins

Some of the shopping apps like Flipkart, Amazon provide you with super coins when you participate in their quiz and game zone in the app. Also, it provides you with coins when you buy things like groceries, electronics, dresses and so on in the app. 

These coins earned in the app hold a  worth and after earning the required number of coins you can buy airpods freely through those coins. 

5  By writing reviews for articles

Another option to acquire an airpods for free is to write a review and it is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is write an airpods review.

Many of you may be wondering how to write a review to the article but it is not as difficult as you think. You only need to express your opinion on what you think about an airpods, such as why you are attached to a particular airpods, what features you like best about, and why the brand of your liking is more fascinating than others . Not only that, but you may also write about any queries or problems you have about the airpods. From the credits that you earn through these reviews you can buy airpods.

6 Giveaways from YouTube

In YouTube you may go through some giveaway videos in which you are asked to subscribe to the channel or like the respective video for the giveaway. These giveaway videos are created by many of the content creators and they choose one of their subscribers and make sure to give the giveaway. This is one of the ways to get airpods. Also they give the best quality airpods which may be of your like. It’s easier to get your dream one. 

7 By winning money and using it to purchase an airpods

This is the last option for getting an Airpods for free. You can enter contests or giveaways to win money. If you don’t receive an airpods as a gift, you can use this method.

If you are fortunate enough to win a large sum of money from these giveaways or contests, you may cheerfully invest it in your preferred airpods. In this way you can get free airpods.

Things to remember before getting a free airpods

When something is free, everyone is enticed to take advantage of it. However, be wary of frauds that may put you in danger if you choose something that is provided for free.To protect yourself from these types of scams, you must take some steps. 

  • If you participate in any giveaways, make sure the channel is legitimate.
  • Be careful of the lucky draws you are taking part in.
  • Thoroughly check the sources that are offering you with free airpods.
  • Do not give out your personal information to every site that offers freebies because not all of them are legitimate.

Before you naively trust any website, contest, lucky draw, or any other source, be sure you follow these safeguards.

Closure Note

In this article you got to know about 07 best ways for getting free airpods. If you follow the above ways you may get free airpods without any difficulty. If you have any queries you can post it in the comment section. If you want to get the similar content please bookmark our page. Keep an eye out for more updates.

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