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Open Camera: Best Alternative to Your Phone’s Camera

Open Camera: Best Alternative to Your Phone’s Camera

Camera is the main thing we look for every time we buy a phone. But what if Your phone’s camera doesn’t meet your expectations? No worries! Here’s an alternative to your phone’s camera.

Open Camera is one such app that helps you capture amazing pictures and gives you great satisfaction. It comes with a variety of stunning features that beats your phone’s camera in all aspects. What’s new with Open camera? Well, to know in detail about the Open Camera app that acts as the best alternative to your phone’s camera you must read the post completely.

Along with the best features of the Open camera app we will also be teaching you how to use the Open Camera app. Let’s have a look!

What’s Best in the Open Camera App

There are a lot of features that make the Open Camera app the best alternative to your phone’s camera. Here are the stunning features of the Open Camera app that you must know before you use the app.

  • The auto level feature of the Open Camera app enables the picture to be at a proper level.
  • You can add location tags using the Open Camera app.
  • Even the front camera has panorama mode in the Open Camera.
  • You can set a timer or use auto repeat mode in the Open Camera for flexible picture clicks.
  • Better video recording options like slow motion video, long profile video etc.
    Comfortable user interface
  • The best part of the app is it is user friendly and doesn’t support any third party websites or ads.
  • The Open Camera app comes with night mode and also portrait mode which are the most wanted things for all picture lovers.

How to Use the Open Camera App

Here’s the few basic steps that you need to follow to know how to use the Open Camera app. Just follow the steps and learn how to use the Open Camera app within no time.

Step-01: Download the Open Camera App

Go to the Google play store and search for the Open Camera app in the search box. Click on the install.

Step-02: Open the App

After you install the app Open the app. Now you will find a message instructing you about the app. Then, allow the permissions it asks for. Click OK on the message you get on the screen.

Step-03: Press the Blue Camera Button

Then, you will find a blue colour camera button on the bottom of your screen. First click on the screen to get focus on the object you need and then click on the blue colour camera button. If you want to record a video long press the camera button a little.

Step-04: Find Your Drafts in Your Gallery

That’s it, this is how you can take a picture or record a video using the Open Camera app. Now if you want to have a look at your captures you can find them in your gallery itself. All your photos and videos will be saved to your gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions asked by most of the people.

Is the Open Camera a good app?

Yes! It’s the finest app you can use. If you are dissatisfied with your phone’s camera, you may use the Open Camera app instead.

Is the Open Camera App free?

Clearly, yeah! The Open Camera app is completely free to use. All of the app’s features are free to use. It is also extremely secure because it does not support any third-party websites or advertisements. As a result, you may use the application without fear.

How to change the shutter speed on the Open Camera?

The Open Camera app always stays in auto mode and hence shutter speed, brightness and everything is adjusted automatically. But when you want to change the shutter speed you have to click on the Manual control option represented with letter M. There you will find ISO and shutter speed sliders. Click on the shutter speed and make adjustments as necessary.

Final Note

Hope you got the best alternative to your phone’s camera! The attractive features of the Open Camera app makes it the best and most used app. Now you can click amazing pictures and record any video with a perfect resolution and quality. Get satisfactory pictures with the Open Camera app without much delay.

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