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Best App to Beat Your Boredom in This Lockdown: Google Earth

Best App to Beat Your Boredom in This Lockdown: Google Earth

Are you bored with this lockdown staying home? What if I tell you there’s a chance to visit many places from your room? I am not talking about the locality or some place nearby. This one’s about visiting the whole world sitting in your room.

Wondering how it’s done? Well there is this wonderful app named Google Earth which lets you do the same! So what’s this? And what does it offer? This article answers you the same.

Google Earth App, What is it?

Google Earth is a revolutionary geo mapping and tagging app that creates a detailed, interactive map of the Earth using composite photos. Google Earth, formerly known as Keyhole EarthViewer, creates a three-dimensional picture of Earth based mostly on satellite photos.

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The programme maps the Earth by amplifying satellite photos, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a three-dimensional globe, allowing users to view towns and scenery from multiple perspectives.

Top-Notch Features of Google Earth App

There are many notable features of this app, let’s discuss a few.

Revolving Globe: When you first open the screen you will see a globe, which shows you everyplace on the Earth.

Pinch Zoom: It has a pinch zoom option where you can zoom into any area of your choice and zoom up to street view.

Easy Search: Search option will let you search any place on the Earth and this helps you consume less time.

Voyager: This will let you have a tour of a particular place you wish.

Street View: You can be able to see many places and photographs uploaded by people on the internet by tagging that particular place.

Roll the Dice: I think this is the most remarkable part of this app, there’s a dice at the top right and by rolling it, you will be taken to random famous places on Earth and can visit those.

Measure: You can also measure distance between two places, just as you do in Google Maps.

How to Install Google Earth App?

Google Earth 3D app can be installed from PlayStore like any other app. As this is offered by Google LLC, you need not fear about it’s safety. Just visit the PlayStore, search for Google Earth and install the app.

Wrapping Up

Google Earth is one of the best apps provided by Google LLC, and for travel freaks, or for touring enthusiastics, or for geo students this is a go-to app and always comes in handy. If you are someone who is bored staying home, or you wanna explore new places this app can help you get over your boredom.

Apart from the Mobile app, there are many versions of Google Earth like, Google Earth pro (for desktops), Google Earth Education (for students to offer knowledge about the places round the world), and Google Earth web (for web users).

What are you waiting for? Get to the PlayStore and download Google Earth now to beat your boredom! Happy Virtual traveling…!

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