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Best App for Indians to Make Spoof Calls and Mock Friends

Best App for Indians to Make Spoof Calls and Mock Friends

There are many apps for making spoof calls and having fun, this craze for spoof call apps has been increasing nowadays. There are many apps which offer this! However, only a few stood up to the mark, and one such app is Indy Call.

As the name suggests Indy, this is exclusively for Indians for spoofing around and playing pranks with friends. The Indy Call app always comes in handy whenever you are bored and are trying to have fun in a different way!

The best part about the Indy Call app is that this is totally free, however you need some credits to make calls using this app. The other person whom you are calling needs to have the app to receive the calls.

To put it simply, Indy Call works just as the normal calling app which is pre-installed on your mobile to make calls.

How to Use Indy Call App?

Indy Call is a straightforward app that makes making a call a breeze. It merely requires you to dial the number you want to call, just like your original phone app. You can also choose a phone number from your address book. When you’re finished, the call will begin right away. As previously said, the software is compatible with all Indian phone numbers.

How to Get Credits in Indy Call App?

Credits can be earned by watching the Advertisements. These can be used to make the calls, and they will determine the duration of the call. You can see the time left for the call on the screen which is displayed for every call.


It is obvious that the space is to be required for the app to hang on the mobile.

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Proper network and data connections are a must for the app to function properly.

Pros of Indy Call

Calls to any Indian phone line are free.

Allows you to make international calls

It is not necessary to have the app on both lines.

Simple to use

Cons of Indy Call

Sometimes you won’t be able to connect to a call.

Spam calls are sometimes made with this number.

Only the United States and Canada are covered by international calls.

How to Install Indy Call App?

The Indy Call app can be installed just as any other app from the Play Store. All you need to do is grab your mobile, visit the Play Store and search for Indy Call to install it!

Note: It is important to keep in mind that your number can be used to make spam calls once you have enrolled in this app. And sometimes you need to dial 2 or 3 times to connect, thus it may cost you some credits without having the actual fun!

Good news for IOS users is that this one is also available on Apple Store, thus you can download it to your device with ease.

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