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Sandes Messaging App a Better Alternative to WhatsApp – Everything You Need to Know

Sandes Messaging App a Better Alternative to WhatsApp – Everything You Need to Know

What is Sandes App?

Let’s get started by understanding what is Sandes App?

Sandes App which has been developed by The Indian Government’s National Informatics Center ( NIC ) which interprets messages in hindi. This app was idly accessible to government officials before but now, every individual can get access to this app.

Sandes App uplifts PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India and Atmanirbhar Bharat (self reliant India) aptitude.

The app provides end to end encryption which can be used as an alternative to WhatsApp.

Is Sandes Better than WhatsApp in Terms of Features?

Sandes is a completely free app with no advertisements. It’s worth noting that the app’s name is displayed as GIMS when you download it (Government Instant Messaging System). However, the government refers to it as Sandes, which means “message” in Hindi.

Sandes has more similarities with WhatsApp including the interface and many more. We will look at the features later but present let’s know the differences between both the messaging apps. Following are the differences. Let’s have a look!

Sandes vs WhatsApp – 10 Differences

  • Sandes allows you to sign up with your email ID and not only just with a mobile number. But, WhatsApp allows you to create an account only with the mobile number.
  • Many verified accounts are found on this app but not on WhatsApp.
  • Allow you to share videos and photos with upto 500Mb which is not possible with WhatsApp (has a limit of sharing videos up to 16Mb and regular files up to 100Mb).
  • In Sandes you can back up chats even on email whereas, you can backup chats either to Google drive on Android or iCloud on iOS if you are using WhatsApp.
  • After creating an account on Sandes you cannot change the email ID or phone number if you do so all your previous chats will be deleted. But, on WhatsApp you can change your mobile number without losing your existing profile.
  • Like WhatsApp there is no fingerprint lock feature and screen lock feature in Sandes at present.
  • Incognito keyboard mode and screen security are some other privacy features that are missing in Sandes app. It doesn’t allow you to see at what time the other person has read your message.
  • Sandes, on the other hand, allows you to check the weather in your city directly from the app. It’s cool that you may designate mails with priority or confidential labels. There’s also a section called “Gimoji” that shows symbols that are utilised in official communication.
  • Broadcast messages, status, disappearing messages, forward messages, delete messages, archive chats are some of the features that are available on Sandes app.
  • You can start a group and invite at least 50 people to join. Sandes also has a feature that allows you to sync contacts and add new contacts who use the same platform.
  • On this instant messaging software, anyone can add you to a group, and there is no invitation system.

Things to Consider Before Installing Sandes App

You need to have some requirements to get the app on your device. Below is a rundown for the same:


  • You must be using iOS 11 or above.
  • You must be using Android 5.0 or above.
  • You must have an active email address or phone number.
  • You should have a working internet connection.
  • You must have a minimum space of 36MB for Android and 72MB for iOS.
  • Note: You need not delete WhatsApp to have Sandes app on your mobile.

Where to Find Sandes App? Or Where is Sandes App Available?

For Android Users: You can visit the web version of this app to make use of it. You can also download the APK file from the official website as an alternative to using the app. Sandes app is now available on Google’s PlayStore too.

For iOS Users: As Sandes App is available on Apple Store, iPhone users can easily get access to it without visiting any website.

Hence, you can use this app both on iOS and Android. Now let us look at how to use the app and how you can get the app.

How to Get or Install Sandes App on Your Smartphone?

For Android Users: If you are an android user then you can get this app through the official website. Go to the official website of Sandes App and from there download the APK file. Install the app by opening the APK file on your phone after you complete the downloading process.

How to Get or Install Sandes App on Your Smartphone?

In case you don’t like to download the APK, you can make use of the web version of this app or you can directly download it from the PlayStore.

For iOS Users: If you are an iPhone user, then you can easily install the app via Apple Store. All you need to do is just visit the Apple store, search for Sandes App and hit the get button that’s it!


How to Setup and Use Sandes App on Your Device?
It is very simple and convenient to use this app. Below are the few steps which will help you to know how to use Sandes App.

  • Step-1: First open the Sandes app and enter the phone number which you are using at present.
How to Setup and Use Sandes App on Your Device?
  • Step-2: Then you will receive a OTP to the number you have entered. You will be asked to type the OTP in the space given.
  • Step-3: Enter the OTP.
  • Step-4: Now, include further details like gender details and profile picture. This step is not mandatory if you want you can skip it.
Sandes App
  • Step-5: Here ends all the steps! Now you can select the contact and start the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs asked by most people regarding Sandes App. Hope your queries are also answered by the same.

Can You Use Sandes App on a Laptop or Desktop or PC or Tablet?

At present this app is only available on Android and iOS devices. It is not compatible with tablets but you can use a web version of it. But at present it is also not available so you can get it through the Government’s site. iPhone users can get this app on the Apple store.

Is Sandes a Best Alternative for WhatsApp?

Yes, it is! As it has many similar features with WhatsApp it will be easy for you to use it. And also it is safe and trustworthy (by the government) so you can happily use this app in place of WhatsApp.

What are Some Notable Features of Sandes?

You can sign up using either email ID or mobile number.
It permits chatting between individuals and groups.
It doesn’t allow you to keep on changing the mobile numbers.
Do I Need to Delete WhatsApp to Use Sandes app?
NO! As said above you need not delete WhatsApp to use Sandes app.

Final Thoughts

I think we have made a good effort to provide you with all the info about Sandes App. This app is made by NIC and is a safer way for communicating. It has features much similar to WhatsApp and hence is the best and trusted alternative for WhatsApp.

Hope you enjoyed the article and improved your knowledge about Sandes app. If you have anything to ask, please feel free to comment below. If you know anyone who needs to know about Sandes app, you can always share this post with them.

Suggestions and changes are always accepted! Please let us know if any.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting or opposing the use of either apps here. Our posts are solely to understand the technology better, and make things easy for people by providing tips and tricks. We are not getting paid from any app developer for writing about that particular app.

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