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3 Best Methods to Unblock Yourself in WhatsApp if Someone has Blocked You

3 Best Methods to Unblock Yourself in WhatsApp if Someone has Blocked You

Have you ever got blocked on WhatsApp? How silly of me, you would have got blocked thus you are on this post! So how are you gonna unblock yourself on WhatsApp? Is it even possible?

To be honest many believe that getting blocked in WhatsApp is the end for conversation, but it’s not! You can always unblock yourself by using the methods which I have mentioned below.

The best way is to know the reason why the person has blocked you and make them unblock you on WhatsApp. What if the person blocked you isn’t in a state to listen to you? Then how are you gonna get yourself unblocked in WhatsApp? Here are the 3 Best methods to do so.

3 Best Methods to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

I don’t wanna waste your time with some sluggish talk. So, without any delay let’s get to the race.

#1 Using Clone Apps

You can use clone apps like Parallel Space, etc to create the clone account of your WhatsApp and chat with the person who has blocked you! Best Clone apps we recommend are:

These apps will just help you to create another WhatsApp account to chat with the same person who has blocked you. If it does not work you can move to the next one.

#2 Using 3rd Party Apps Like WP UNBLOCK PRO

Many users say that the ‘WP UNBLOCK PRO’ app can help you unblock yourself from any number which has already blocked you! We haven’t actually tried this yet, but this is how the process is,

Step-1: Go to PlayStore and search for ‘WP UNBLOCK PRO’ or install it by clicking here.

After the installation is done, open the app and allow the permissions.

Step-2: Select your country code now. If you are from India, choose +91; for users from other countries, choose the country code that corresponds to your country code.

Step-3: After that, input the phone number from which you want to be unblocked.

Step-4: The app will tell you to wait for 24hrs, and after that check your WhatsApp, you should be able to text the number from which you got blocked.

And you should know that WhatsApp claims, ‘there isn’t any app which can crack the WhatsApp blocking algorithm’. Hence we believe that this process might not work for many of you!

#3 Deleting and Reinstalling the WhatsApp

This is the best method to do it officially. All you need to do is delete and reinstall the Whatsapp application. However, you will lose your data like messages, voice clips and of course media.

If you want to keep your data safe, you can try to have backup before deleting the account. However, you can’t add this data to your WhatsApp again as this will get all the previous settings and cache back! Either way you can’t access the data.

Note: Removing cache is important before doing this! You can remove the cache by going to the WhatsApp info from your app manager option from the settings.

These are the 3 methods I have for you today! Think we missed something? Please feel free to let me know if there are any other methods to get yourself unblocked on WhatsApp.

Have queries? You can always ask them in the comments session below. Thank you for making this far! Hope you have learnt something. For more such HOW TO’S you can try subscribing to our Newsletter.

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