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Raven Gadgets 2022 Review, Discount, TV buddy Antenna, Tracker & more

Raven Gadgets 2022 Review, Discount, TV buddy Antenna, Tracker & more

Raven Gadgets is a popular tech gadgets website known for its devices like Indoor Outdoor HD TV Antenna, TV Buddy Caster, Caller Tag Tracker, Wireless GPS Bluetooth. This website is not officially biased in any way. But we can expect that Raven gadgets review will give a new impression to our consumers and customers to our readers as well. Although some critics use words like negative, fraud about Raven gadget.

Raven Gadgets

Raven Gadgets claims to be number one online retailer online shop. They have almost everything related to technology and gadgets for the user or consumer. This website offers a wide range of products and specifically about Gadgets, and they provide online service to their users and consumers over the internet.

Is it Fake or real?

This website is trending on the internet and is going viral nowadays. When a user is searching for reviews about this site, users or consumers may find some good reviews from previous customers. And they are getting positive response from their previous consumers as well. But these reviews and feedback are, according to scam detectors, fake. They are not original by users and consumers. In this way this website is becoming suspicious and it is being claimed to be a fake website.

Raven catalog products

Various electronic items and products are displayed on this website at full discount. Limited offer on products related to Tech Gadgets is currently active. Below we will tell about some such products, which are being ordered more from here.

Pet Products
Pet GPS tracker
3D Lamps
Tracking Devices
Raven Track
Gym & Running
Bluetooth running earbuds
3d Plug-in Night Light Lamps.
Hologram Illusion
View ALL3D Plug-in Night Light Lamp.
ym & Running Headphones
All Wireless Bluetooth
Raven Running Headphones
Key FINDERS gadgets

Raven gadgets review

Company NameRaven Gadgets LLC
Owner TypeIndividual
Serial Number87771571
Registration NumberN/A
Mark Drawing Code4000
Trademark OwnerJonathan Jean-Guillaume
Phone Number(786) 361-6803
Headquarters18923 NW 52nd Ct, Miami, Florida, 33055, United States

Pros and Cons of RavenGadgets

Providing quality services since 3 years
Provide money-back guarantee
custom payment options
The refund policy is valid for 30 days.
high social media presence
Free Shipping Services.
24/7 Customer Service

There is no proper contact number on their website.
No Wikipedia page
website is not optimized
Most product reviews are negative
There is not enough evidence to support claim that it is completely fake.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Raven Gadgets NAICS code?

NAICS: 45,454110

What is Raven Gadgets Tech Stack?

Technologies used by Raven Gadgets are: Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, PHP, Google Global Site Tags, etc.

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