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Kantara (2022) Movie: Watch Kantara Full Movie Online Review

Kantara (2022) Movie: Watch Kantara Full Movie Online Review

Kantara is a Kannada language action thriller movie directed by Rishabh Shetty. Audience reviews suggest that the film has been well shown. If you haven’t seen this movie then read our review first and give your feedback about the movie.

Kantara (2022) Movie

Movie ReviewKantara
Release Date30 Sep 2022
DirectorRishab Shetty
CastRishab Shetty
Achyuth Kumar
Pramod Shetty
Box Office CollectionRs.140+ Crore

The film stars Shetty as a Kambala champion, who comes face to face with Murali (Kishore), an honest DRFO officer. If you like action thriller movies then this movie is for you. Like the Pushpa film, this film is also based on the story of the village. The story of the film is something like this –

Story: The film is based on the Kundapur village of Karnataka in the year 1847. The kings of this region are not happy with their lives, which lack peace. He keeps trying to find her, and when he comes across a deity near a forest, he finally finds peace. He makes a pact with the villagers there and exchanges the forest land for the deity. The trouble begins when the king’s successors ask for the land back. The forest department also becomes a problem for the villagers as they start encroaching on the forest area. Shiva (Rishabh Shetty), an easygoing boy, takes responsibility and rebels against him. The rest of the film depicts the fight of the villagers against the landlords and the forest department.

Rishabh Shetty in the role of Shiva is absolutely brilliant. He has portrayed the emotions to perfection throughout the film, as well as the fight scenes and climax portions in the film that will blow your mind.

The love track between Rishabh and Saptami Gowda is handled very well. The actress looked charming, and she played her part well. The natural scenery is well depicted in the film, the location of the village and the forest looks realistic. Cinematographer Arvind Kashyap has beautifully portrayed the rustic nature of the film.

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