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How to Type in Hindi in Whatsapp

How to Type in Hindi in Whatsapp – Both Android and iPhone

If you are a whatsapp user then you may send and receive texts to and from your beloved ones. But what if you are not likely to use the common texting English language. There may be a question in your mind whether we can type in our regional languages? One of which is our national language Hindi.

Many people who know Hindi better than other languages are concerned about whether it is possible to enter the text in Hindi.

The simple answer is yes! It’s possible to type in Hindi on Whatsapp. You may be wondering how we can type in Hindi in whatsapp? This is the post where you can find a complete guide on how to type in Hindi on Whatsapp. We are gonna provide you the guide for both Android and iOS users. Here we go!

How to Type in Hindi in Whatsapp

Please follow the steps mentioned perfectly, so that you may not have any problem in getting a Hindi keyboard for your device.

#01 Adding a Hindi Keyboard on Android

If you are an Android user and want to text in Hindi, you can add a Hindi keyboard on your Android device. Now, follow these steps to get a Hindi keyboard with ease.

Step 01: The very first thing is you need to navigate to settings which you can find at your home screen or you can swipe down the notification bar and tap the settings icon.

Step 02: In the settings scroll down a little till you find Language and input options. You may need to use a search icon if you are a Samsung user to find it.

Step 03: Select the Virtual Keyboard option. If you’re using an earlier version of Android, go to the Language & Input Page and look for the Keyboard & Input Methods tab.

Step 04: Then, on most Android versions, touch on the current keyboard, which is designated as Current Keyboard. The default keyboard on new versions of Android is either GBoard, SwiftKey, or your UI customised Keyboard offering, like Samsung Keyboard on Samsung devices.

Step 05: You will find languages here, tap on it and you will get a list of languages. Click on Hindi language to add it to your keyboard.

Step 06: Flick the switch beside the Hindi heading to turn it on; you may need to toggle the switch next to the Use system language option to turn it off. This will download and enable the Hindi language for your keyboard.

These 6 steps will enable you to get a Hindi keyboard and now you are ready to use the Hindi language in your whatsapp.

#02 Adding a Hindi Keyboard on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user then follow the below given steps to enable Hindi keyboard on your IPhone.

Step 01: Navigate to iPhone settings which you can easily find on the home screen appearing in Grey colour with gears.

Step 02: Search for the general section by scrolling down which is generally present at the top of the settings page.

Step 03: Bottom to the general page you will find the keyboard option tap on it.

Step 04: Click the keyboards option and then the final click you have to do on this page is clicking on Add New Keyboard.

Step 05: Now, select the keyboard with your desired language. Here we want Hindi language so scroll down to H section as in iPhone the languages appear in alphabetical order. If you find Hindi language at the top itself then you need not struggle much.

Step 06: Select Devanagari, which puts traditional Hindi symbols on the keyboard rather than copying them as you enter.

Step 07: After you’ve completed the instructions, press done. It’s possible for you now to select the Hindi keyboard from your iPhone’s normal keyboard.

How to Use Hindi Keyboard to Type in Whatsapp

Follow the below steps to know how to use the Hindi keyboard to type in whatsapp.

  • Go to your whatsapp and open a conservation on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the text area to begin inputting your message and to bring up your keyboard.
  • Pick the Devanagari Keyboard or Hindi Keyboard; on an iPhone, on the  bottom left corner of the keyboard press and hold the globe symbol and  then select the language; on an Android, press and hold the spacebar, then click on Hindi.
  • Now you will be able to see the Hindi alphabet and can enjoy texts in Hindi on WhatsApp.

Finishing Up

The above were the basic steps that you can use to type in Hindi in Whatsapp, that too using both Android and iPhone. Make sure that you make use of this and enjoy texting in Hindi.

We have made all the efforts to help you with this guide and we hope it was useful to you. Let us know if there are any questions or suggestions for us. Feel free to put the questions in our comment section if any.

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