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How to Send Money Using WhatsApp

How to Send Money Using WhatsApp: 06 simple steps to follow

Sharing or sending money has become very easy with the developing technology these days. But have you heard about sending money through WhatsApp, yes! You heard it right. It’s now possible to send money through whatsapp. But how? To answer your question we have come up with a few easy steps which will teach you how to send money using WhatsApp.

Till today you may be using WhatsApp only for chatting with your friends or for calls or for status etc. But now with the help of our post you can go ahead with money transactions too. It’s not that difficult!

Without keeping you in much suspense let’s rush into our steps to know how to Send Money Using WhatsApp. Here we go!

How to Send Money Using WhatsApp:

Below given are the few simple steps you can head on to send money using WhatsApp. Let’s have a look!

1 Open WhatsApp Chats

The very first thing you need to do is open your WhatsApp and then chat with the person whom you want to share money with and then click on attachment and finally tap payment. 

2 Tap continue 

After tapping payment the next option you need to click on is the continue. It’s necessary to have a check on your debit card info.

3 Enter the code

Now enter the last 6 digits of your debit card number and also enter the expiration date.

4 Click Done

After entering your debit card code click on done and then set up UPI PIN. After this you will get an OTP to your number which you need to fill in the space given as ENTER OTP. You can click on resend OTP in case you miss the previous one.

5 Create UPI

After entering the OTP you need to create a UPI and fill it I SETUP UPI PIN and finally tap the submit option. As soon as the UPI is set up click the done option.

6 Enter your desired amount 

Now go to the person’s chat with whom you want to share the money, click on attachment and then payment and finally enter the amount you want to transfer. Then add the payment description and at last tap send.

That’s it! This completes our steps that you can follow to send money to your friends, family or any desired person using your WhatsApp. 

Make sure that your contacts are enabled for the payment before you send money to anyone. If not you can go to settings and then payment to enable your contacts for whatsapp payment. 

Wrapping Up

Here ends our post on how to Send money using WhatsApp. All the above mentioned steps are easy and can help you do transactions through your whatsapp. Now you no need to go for any other transaction apps.

Hope you are definitely going to share money using your WhatsApp and our post was really helpful to you in doing it. If you have any queries then you can reach us at any time. We are here to help in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send money through whatsapp?

Yes! It’s possible to send money through whatsapp and also receive money. The above article is the one who will guide you to send money using WhatsApp.

Is it Possible to Send money from WhatsApp to Google Pay?

Yes! It’s possible. You may also use the Scan QR Code option to send money. Step two: Enter the money as well as your UPI PIN. You must provide the sender with your WhatsApp Pay UPI ID. To transfer you money, the sender will input your WhatsApp Pay UPI ID into a payment site such as Google Pay, PhonePe, or others.

How a QR Code payment can be made?

To use this, a client must first install the necessary bank app or BHIM software on their smartphone. To make payments at merchant locations, launch the app, scan the QR code, and pay. After scanning the QR code, enter the transaction amount and the four-digit password.

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