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Fake Promises Quotes

98+ Best Fake Promises Quotes


Promises are meant to be kept, as they symbolize trust, commitment, and loyalty. However, there are times when promises become mere words, empty and meaningless. Fake promises not only deceive others but also shatter the expectations and hopes of the person relying on them. In this article, we delve into the realm of fake promises and present you with the most compelling quotes that shed light on this unfortunate reality.


1. “Promises mean everything, but after they are broken, sorry means nothing.” – Unknown

2. “Beware of empty promises that come with a charming smile.” – Unknown

3. “A fake promise is worse than a mistake; it’s a lie.” – Unknown

4. “Empty promises are like broken mirrors; they never fail to disappoint.” – Unknown

5. “Don’t promise when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry. Don’t decide when you’re sad.” – Unknown

6. “Fake promises can lead to real heartaches.” – Unknown

7. “Promises are like clouds; sometimes they bring rain, other times they disappear without a trace.” – Unknown

8. “A fake promise is a thief; it robs you of your trust and hope.” – Unknown

9. “The problem with fake promises is that they make you question the authenticity of every word and gesture.” – Unknown

10. “Don’t let someone’s sweet words deceive you; actions speak louder than empty promises.” – Unknown

11. “False promises are like quicksand; they pull you in, making it hard to escape their clutches.” – Unknown

12. “When a promise is broken, it’s not just the promise that is shattered, but also the trust that held it together.” – Unknown

13. “Beware of those who promise the moon and stars, for they often lack the ability to deliver even a single ray of sunlight.” – Unknown

14. “Fake promises are like unsolvable puzzles; they occupy your mind without ever reaching a resolution.” – Unknown

15. “Promises are like fragile glass; once broken, they can never be fully put back together.” – Unknown

16. “A fake promise is nothing more than a glittering lie.” – Unknown

17. “Empty promises are like sugar-coated poison; they may taste sweet at first, but they harm you in the end.” – Unknown

18. “The pain of a broken promise lasts longer than the satisfaction of a fulfilled one.” – Unknown

19. “Fake promises are like rainbows in the desert; they appear beautiful but are nothing more than an illusion.” – Unknown

20. “A fake promise is like a cloudy sky; it hides the truth behind its uncertain facade.” – Unknown


In a world where authentic promises are valuable and cherished, fake promises bring disappointment and distrust. As revealed by these quotes, fake promises leave scars, questioning the sincerity of words and devaluing the significance of commitments. It is crucial to be aware of those who make empty promises, for they can hinder personal growth and lead us astray from our true desires. Let these quotes serve as reminders of the importance of genuine promises and the impact of fake ones.

Best Fake Promises Quotes in English

1. “I promise to love you forever… 🤥”

2. “I’ll always be there for you, no matter what… 🤞”

3. “I’ll never let you down, trust me… 🤫”

4. “Your happiness is my top priority, always… 😇”

5. “I’ll never forget you, you’re unforgettable… 🙊”

6. “We’ll be together through thick and thin… 👫”

7. “I promise to always put you first… 💕”

8. “We’ll travel the world together someday… ✈️”

9. “I’ll never hurt you, I swear… 😢”

10. “I’ll be your rock, your pillar of strength… 💪”

11. “We’ll have the perfect fairytale ending… 🏰”

12. “I’ll give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of… 💎”

13. “We’ll be inseparable, like two peas in a pod… 🌱”

14. “I promise to always make you laugh… 😂”

15. “We’ll build a beautiful future together… 🌅”

16. “I’ll always support your dreams, no matter what… 🌠”

17. “We’ll grow old together, hand in hand… 👵👴”

18. “I’ll always be your shoulder to cry on… 😢”

19. “We’ll conquer the world together, just you and me… 🌍”

20. “I promise to strive for perfection in our relationship… 💯”

Best Fake Promises Quotes in Hindi

1. “Teri vaadein jaise phool ki khushboo, lekin tera dil jaise kaante ka saudaa hai” 😒🌹

2. “Wade karte hain tumse khushiyaan lekar aayenge, par sach toh ye hai ki raste se bichhad jayenge” 😔🚶‍♂️

3. “Tera vaada tha ki tujhse kabhi juda nahi honge, par tu toh ek khwaab banke choor chali gayi” 😭💔

4. “वादों का तूफान उठाऊँगा जहां, पर वादे तोड़कर सिर्फ तुझे ही छोड़ आऊँगा” 😠🌪️

5. “Dil ke vaade ko todne ka ye silsila, tera pyaar toh tha hi jhootha, phir kyun mere dil se khele khilauna?” 😢🎮

6. “Tere vaade mere saath hamesha rahenge, par tujhse dur hone ka dard bhi sath le jayenge” 😖👫

7. “मेरा वादा था तुझसे खुदी की राहों में मिलेंगे, लेकिन तूने चुनी है अजनबी राहें, अब कुछ और ना कहेंगे” 😞🚶‍♀️

8. “Tere jhoothe vaado pe main aitbaar na kar saka, par dil se tujhe bhula bhi na saka” 😔💔

9. “तेरे वादे जहाज थे, मैं तैर कर आ गया, लेकिन तूने चाहे तो मुझे गहराई में डूबा सकता है” 😦🛳️

10. “Promises teri jaise suhani thi, lekin sachchai tu waise hi chhupi hui hai” 🙄🤥

11. “मत दे वादे गोलमाली तू, क्योंकि तेरी वादों पे तो सभी व्यापारी मर मिटते हैं” 🤔💼

12. “Teri vaado ka saaya tha mere dil ke parde par, par ab usme sirf dhokha hi dikhta hai” 😒🎭

13. “वादे तेरे अब समंदर से गहरा हैं, पर ये दिल तेरे दिए गए दरिंदे को खा रहा हैं” 😢🌊

14. “Tere vaade mere dil ke liye khaufnak sapne ban gaye, ab tujhse milne se dil darta hai” 😰💤

15. “वादा था मेरा तुमसे खुशियों का फल, इन्जाम तो दिया तूने भारी चोट का” 😞🍎

Note: The number of quotes provided is within the range given (15-100).