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How to Download Instagram Reels to Your Mobile

How to Download Instagram Reels to Your Mobile

It’s a well-known fact that reels have replaced everything like TikTok, MX TakaTak, and whatnot. But the only thing Instagram reels lack is the download option, whereas it is available on other similar platforms.

There are many people who are in need of downloading the Instagram reels, thus we thought why not tell them that there are many ways to download Instagram reels.

Why download Instagram reels anyway? Well, reels are pretty popular these days, and as these are short they can be used as whatsapp status or facebook stories.

Sometimes you may get a good interesting reel which you wish to share with your friend or any other person you desire, but what if they are not on Instagram? This is the time when the option for downloading the reel comes, so that you can share by any other means you like.

So, how to download Instagram reels? Is it really possible? No worries, this article deals with the same.

Let’s get started…

2 Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels

While there are many ways to download the Instagram Reels, we recommend the below 2 as they are easy to do, and take less time. Here are the 2 best ways that we think are the best to download Instagram reels.

#01 Download Instagram Reels Using Apps

There are many apps to download Instagram reels on your device, but they vary in UI and safety. With the options being increasing, the chance of frauds and hacks also increased. So, be wise while selecting the apps out there.

But how to know which is a good and genuine app to download reels? No, worries we have got your back for this!

Our team have gone through many apps and tested as much as we could, and finally we came to a conclusion that InMate is one of the best apps that one can use to download Instagram reels.

This app is available on PlayStore, so you can download and use this directly from there, or you can also click on the button below.

How to use these types of apps? Well, that’s pretty simple, all you need to do is get the link of the reel video you need, and paste it in the link box provided and press the download button. But before that you need to allow all the permissions this app asks (this is required for the proper functioning of the app).

Our team is sure that this is a proper and genuine app, and you can comment if you face any issues while using the app. We aim to respond shortly!

Not only the reels, you can also download any video for Instagram like IGTV videos, posts, or any other. This app comes really handy for people who are fond of insta videos.

#02 Download Instagram Reels Using Websites

Yes, there are many websites to download the Instagram reels, from where you can get the reels which are published on Instagram. Downloading the reels from websites is a very easy process, all you need to do is get the link of the reel you need to download and things will be done in the background for you.

How is this done? All you need to do is,

Step 01: Open your Instagram account.

Step 02: Go to the reel you like.

Step 03: Now copy the link by pressing the three dots options.

Step 04: Go to google and type websites to download Instagram reels.

Step 05: Now visit any site you desire and follow the instructions (most sites will ask you to sign up for downloading the reel).

Step 06: Just reach the download section and paste the link there.

Step 07: Now hit the download icon or button (depends upon the site).

Step 08: Wait for the download to complete.

Step 09: And it’s done, go to your mobile’s gallery and share the reel from there.

Note: The above steps are generalized steps which most sites follow, so 1-2 steps may differ depending on the website.

We recommend using the below sites for a good experience and fast download, along with staying safe (which is more important).

The above websites are user friendly and you need not worry about the privacy or being hacked, our team have made all the background checks required.

Which is Better to Download Instagram Reels? App or Website?

Although both work the same, it’s always better to use an app instead of a website, because we do not know when the site may work. An important thing to consider is that the app is always present on your device and you can reach it whenever and where you need, whereas for websites you need to search for them and make sure that they are genuine or not and then proceed further.


Instagram reels have dominated everything since TikTok got banned from India, and many people are missing the download option that TikTok had and Instagram doesn’t. We are hoping that Instagram will soon add this feature for their users. Till then the only option left for the users to download Instagram reels or videos is to depend on the above mentioned app or websites.

So, that ends our post! Hope you learnt something new here. Feel free to reach us via the comments section or you can also mail us for any further info, we are always happy to help you out.

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