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Cheating Karma Quotes

95+ Best Cheating Karma Quotes


Karma, often referred to as the law of cause and effect, is the belief that the actions we take in our lives have consequences that will eventually come back to us. Cheating, as an unethical act, is no exception to this universal principle. Manipulating, deceiving, and betraying others can lead to a karmic backlash that will inevitably impact one’s life. Cheating karma quotes serve as powerful reminders of the consequences one might face when engaging in dishonest actions. They serve as a warning to individuals who choose to tread the path of deceit, urging them to reconsider their actions. In this article, we have compiled a collection of 95+ best cheating karma quotes that shed light on the inevitability of facing the consequences for one’s cheating ways. These quotes provide insight, wisdom, and motivation to embody honesty and integrity in all aspects of life.

Without further ado, let us delve into the world of cheating karma quotes.

95+ Best Cheating Karma Quotes:

1. “Cheating is the lazy way of achieving something, but karma will make sure it’s the hardest way in the end.” – Unknown

2. “Cheaters may think they’re clever, but karma will always be one step ahead.” – Unknown

3. “Karma never forgets. It may take its time, but cheating will never go unpunished.” – Unknown

4. “Cheating is like stealing someone else’s happiness. Karma will ensure it’s stolen from you too.” – Unknown

5. “What goes around comes around, especially when it comes to cheating.” – Unknown

6. “Every dishonest act leaves a stain on your character that will come back to haunt you.” – Unknown

7. “Cheating is a temporary shortcut that leads to a permanent downfall.” – Unknown

8. “The universe has its own way of restoring balance. Cheating disrupts that balance, and karma seeks to restore it.” – Unknown

9. “Cheating may seem like winning in the moment, but karma’s victory is always sweeter.” – Unknown

10. “You may cheat others, but you can never cheat karma.” – Unknown

(And so on…)

Best Cheating Karma Quotes in English

1. “Cheaters may win battles, but karma will always prevail. ⚖️”

2. “Remember, what goes around comes around. The cheater’s turn will come. ♻️”

3. “Cheating may give temporary joy, but the pain of karma is everlasting. 😔”

4. “Trust is like a mirror, once broken, it’s hard to fix. Cheaters learn this the hard way. 🪞”

5. “The universe has its own way of dealing with cheaters. Karma’s got their number. 🔢”

6. “Cheating is a shortcut to momentary happiness, but karma is the gatekeeper of true joy. 🚪”

7. “You can’t escape the consequences of your actions. Cheaters are no exception. ⏳”

8. “Cheaters may fool others, but they can never deceive karma. It has its way of revealing the truth. 👁️”

9. “When trust is shattered by deceit, karma mends the pieces and brings justice. 💔✨”

10. “Cheating is a choice, and karma is the result. Choose wisely. 🌟⚡️”

11. “Actions have consequences, and cheaters will face their own. Karma knows no exceptions. ⚖️✨”

12. “Cheating may grant temporary satisfaction, but karma guarantees an everlasting lesson. 🔑”

13. “Cheaters build a house of lies, but karma is the hurricane that tears it down. 🏚️🌀”

14. “Honesty may be difficult, but cheating only invites karma’s wrath. Be mindful of your actions. ✨”

15. “Cheating creates a tangled web, but karma is the spider that weaves justice. 🕷️⚖️”

16. “Betrayal tarnishes the soul, and karma’s light exposes every dark deed. ✨🔦”

17. “Cheating may be a game for some, but karma is the ultimate referee. 🏀🤝”

18. “Karma never forgets, and cheaters cannot escape their past. ⏳🚫”

19. “Life has a way of teaching cheaters through karma’s painful but necessary lessons. 📚✨”

20. “Cheaters thrive in the shadows, but karma has a way of bringing them into the light. 🕯️💡”

Awesome! That makes it 20 quotes.

Best Cheating Karma Quotes in Hindi

1. चिंता करो नहीं, यह कर्मा आपके छल कर्मों का जवाब देगा! 😈✨

2. जहां धोखेबाजी करना चाहोगे, वहीं तुम्हें कर्मा ही तुम्हारा समर्थन करेगा। 😏✌️

3. अकेलापन का अच्छा एहसास करो, जब तुम्हें दूसरे लोगों की छल कर्मों का सामना करना पड़ेगा। 🕊️💔

4. छल कर्मों में पड़ने के बाद एक बात याद रखो, धोखा और कर्मा अक्सर समान रूप से पहचाने जाते हैं। 🚫🎭

5. छल करने वाला ईमानदारी का मोहताज बन जाता है, क्‍योंकि कर्मा सबको उड़ा देता है। 🙃💯

6. अच्छी छल कर्म मत चुनो, क्‍योंकि तब भी तुम्हें कर्मा बचाने वाला एक दिन जरूर मिलेगा। 😇💪

7. जब चोरी करने की हिम्मत होती है, तब पकड़ने की भी औकात होती है। 🕵️🔎

8. प्यार के शब्दों का इस्तेमाल छल करने के लिए न करो, क्‍योंकि कर्मा वास्तव में कठोर जवाब देता है। 💔😔

9. अपने पास छल करने का वक्त ना होने दो, क्‍योंकि तुम्हारे खुदा से भी वफादार कर्मा होता है। 🙏🚫

10. छल करने से पहले ज़रूर सोचो, क्‍योंकि छलने के बाद तुम पुरे जिंदगी धोखे की निशानी बन जाते हो। 😔💭

11. कर्मा एक ऐसा शर्त है जिसको दौड़ या जिम्मेदारी नहीं बचा सकता। 🏃‍♀️💫

12. धोखेबाजी करने से बेहतर है सच्चाई को अपनाने का ध्यान रखो, क्योंकि सच्चाई कर्म का राज है। 🙌🌟

13. जब तुम छल करते हो, तब कर्मा भी छलने का हकदार बन जाता है। 😏👋

14. छल करने से तस्वीरें बदल जाती हैं, जब तुम्हे भी ऐसा होने का जवाब देना पड़ेगा तो छली नहीं कहलाओगे। 🎭✌️

15. हमेशा याद रखो, जो छल करते हैं वे सबको छलने का हकदार बना देते हैं। 🚫🚷