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Best Games to Play on Zoom Right Now

The 28 Best Games to Play on Zoom Right Now

In the era of virtual connections, Zoom has become an indispensable tool for staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues. But did you know that Zoom can also be a platform for exciting and engaging games? From team-building exercises to thrilling adventures, there’s a plethora of games to play on Zoom that can liven up any online gathering. In this article, we’ll explore the 28 best slot games to play on Zoom right now, ensuring that you and your participants have an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, joy, and camaraderie.

The 28 Best Games to Play on Zoom Right Now

1. Virtual Escape Rooms: Unraveling the Mystery Together

Experience the thrill of solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries with virtual escape rooms. Work together with your friends or colleagues to find hidden clues, decipher codes, and escape from various challenging scenarios. Websites like Enchambered and Escape Hunt offer a wide selection of captivating escape room experiences designed for virtual play.

2. Trivia Night: Put Your Knowledge to the Test

Host a trivia night on Zoom and put your participants’ knowledge to the test. Create custom trivia questions covering a range of topics and compete in teams or individually. Online platforms like Kahoot and QuizUp can help you organize and facilitate an interactive trivia competition.

3. Charades: Non-Verbal Fun and Laughter

Bring classic charades to your virtual gatherings and enjoy non-verbal fun and laughter. Assign each participant a word or phrase to act out, and let the guessing game such as slot gacor begin. Embrace the hilarity as your friends try to interpret your creative gestures.

4. Online Murder Mystery: Whodunit in the Digital Realm?

Immerse yourself in a thrilling murder mystery experience without leaving your home. Host a virtual murder mystery party and let each participant take on a character role. Uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and unveil the identity of the murderer in this gripping virtual adventure.

5. Pictionary: Drawing Your Way to Victory

Unleash your artistic skills with a game of virtual Pictionary. Use Zoom’s whiteboard feature or websites like to draw and guess words, challenging your creativity and artistic abilities.

6. Online Bingo: A Classic Game of Luck

Bring the excitement of bingo to your virtual gathering. Create bingo cards online or use platforms like Bingo Maker to generate cards for all participants. The thrill of yelling “Bingo!” remains just as satisfying, even in the virtual world.

7. Name That Tune: A Melodic Challenge

Put your music knowledge to the test with a game of “Name That Tune.” Play short snippets of songs and see who can identify the title and artist the fastest. Use a playlist or streaming service like Spotify to curate an impressive collection of tunes.

8. Virtual Karaoke: Sing Your Heart Out

Host a virtual karaoke session and let your inner superstar shine. Sing your favorite tunes and cheer on your friends as they take the virtual stage. Websites like Smule and SingSnap offer vast libraries of songs to choose from.

9. Online Scavenger Hunt: Seek and Discover

Organize an online scavenger hunt filled with riddles and challenges that participants must solve from the comfort of their homes. Make use of household items or virtual clues to keep the excitement high.

10. Two Truths and a Lie: Unveiling the Unknown

Get to know your fellow participants better with a game of “Two Truths and a Lie.” Each person shares three statements about themselves, two being true and one false. The others must guess which statement is the lie, leading to surprising revelations and laughter.

11. Virtual Board Games: Classic Fun, Digitally

Bring your favorite board games into the digital realm with virtual adaptations. Enjoy classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Settlers of Catan, all from the comfort of your computer screen.

12. Online Poker Night: Ante Up for Virtual Fun

Host a virtual poker night and showcase your card-playing skills. Use platforms like PokerStars or 888poker to organize private virtual poker tables with your friends.

13. The Great Zoom Bake-Off: Sweet Treats Galore

Engage your participants in a delightful baking competition. Everyone bakes a recipe of their choice and shares the process on Zoom. Vote on the best-looking treat, and enjoy indulging in your homemade creations afterward.

14. Online Drawing Challenge: Artistic Showdown

Organize an online drawing challenge where participants compete to create the best artwork based on a specific theme or prompt. Voting for the most creative piece adds an element of excitement to the activity.

15. Virtual Dance Party: Groove and Move

Turn up the music and host a virtual dance party with your friends or colleagues. Let loose, showcase your best dance moves, and share the positive energy despite the physical distance.

16. Online Chess Tournament: Intellectual Showdown

Test your strategic thinking with an online chess tournament. Platforms like offer the option to play against friends and join tournaments for added competitiveness.

17. Storytelling Night: Tales of Imagination

Unleash your creativity with a virtual storytelling night. Each participant takes turns sharing imaginative stories, leading to a captivating and entertaining experience.

18. Virtual Fashion Show: Strut Your Style

Channel your inner fashionista and host a virtual fashion show. Dress up in your most stylish outfits and let each participant showcase their unique fashion sense.

19. Online Cook-Along: Culinary Adventures

Embark on a culinary adventure with an online cook-along session. Choose a recipe that everyone can follow, and cook together while sharing tips and tricks for a successful meal.

20. Virtual Yoga Class: Wellness and Serenity

Promote health and wellness with a virtual yoga class. Hire a professional instructor to guide the session, ensuring everyone can relax and rejuvenate.

21. Virtual Book Club: Literary Discussions

Bring book lovers together with a virtual book club. Choose a captivating book, read it together, and engage in stimulating discussions about the plot, characters, and themes.

22. Online Stand-Up Comedy: Laughter Therapy

Host a virtual stand-up comedy night and witness the comedic talents of your friends or colleagues. Share jokes, funny anecdotes, and enjoy an evening filled with laughter.

23. Virtual Talent Show: Showcasing Hidden Skills

Encourage your participants to showcase their unique talents in a virtual talent show. From singing and dancing to magic tricks and art, the possibilities are endless.

24. Online Meditation Session: Inner Peace

Promote mindfulness and inner peace with a virtual meditation session. A calming and guided meditation can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

25. Virtual Language Exchange: Cultural Connections

Facilitate a virtual language exchange where participants can learn and practice different languages. Foster cultural connections and broaden horizons through language learning.


What equipment do I need to play these games on Zoom?

For most games, a computer with a stable internet connection and a webcam is sufficient. Additionally, some games might require certain apps or websites, but they are generally accessible from any modern web browser.

Can I play these games on Zoom’s free version?

Yes, the majority of these games can be played on Zoom’s free version. However, keep in mind that there might be time limits for meetings in the free version, so plan accordingly.

How many participants can join in these games?

The number of participants depends on the specific game and platform used. Zoom’s free version allows up to 100 participants, but some games might have different limitations.

Can I modify the games to suit the interests of my group?

Absolutely! Many of these games are flexible and can be adapted to suit your group’s preferences. Feel free to add your own twists or rules to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Are these games suitable for all age groups?

While most games are family-friendly, it’s essential to consider the age and preferences of your participants. Some games might be more suitable for adults, while others can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Can I record these virtual game sessions on Zoom?

Yes, Zoom allows you to record your virtual meetings, including game sessions. This feature can be useful for reviewing the game’s progress or capturing memorable moments.


Elevate your virtual gatherings with the 28 best games to play on Zoom right now. From thrilling murder mysteries to heartwarming virtual talent shows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Embrace the power of technology and human connection as you engage in these exciting online activities. So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues, and let the fun and laughter begin in the digital realm!

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