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Best Friendship Poetry In Urdu – Dosti Poetry

Best Friendship Poetry In Urdu – Dosti Poetry

Friendship poetry in Urdu serves as a medium to articulate the feelings held for our loved ones. Dosti Shayari provides a heartfelt avenue to convey our deepest sentiments to those closest to our hearts. Brimming with love, expressions, and emotions, Friendship Shayari resonates with the core of our being.

In times when misunderstandings and misconceptions hinder our ability to communicate with

friends, Friendship Shayari becomes a powerful tool that allows us to express ourselves through words. It acts as a bridge to mend connections and restore the bonds that may have suffered.

This collection of Urdu friendship poetry, consisting of two-line verses, is thoughtfully curated with captivating images and text. These poetic creations are designed to be easily shared on

platforms like WhatsApp and social media, enabling us to spread the essence of friendship to a wider audience. 

Join us in exploring the realm of Friendship Shayari in Urdu, where emotions find expression, bonds are fortified, and hearts connect in a language that transcends barriers. Together, let us celebrate the beauty and power of friendship through the timeless art of poetry.

Poetry In Urdu For Friends

1. Dosti ka saath nibhana, Dil ki har khwahish puri karna. Khushiyon ki baarish tum par

barsana, Ye dua hai humari, hamesha yunhi muskurana.

2. Aye dost teri khushiyan rahe sada, Zindagi ki har pal tere liye khushnuma ho jada.

Dua hai yeh dil se humari, Teri dosti ka rang sada hi chamka reh jaye.

3.;Dosti ki roshni chamakti rahe, Gum aur pareshaniyan har taraf se door ho jaye.

Khuda se bas yahi dua hai hamari, Teri dosti mein umar bhar khushiyan bhar jaye.

4. Teri dosti mein itna asar hai, Jaise har din naya tyohar hai. Dua hai yahi dil se

humari, Teri zindagi mein har khushi pukar pukar ke aaye

5. Dost tu hai meri jaan, Tere bina jeena mushkil hai thaan. Khuda se yahi dua hai

humari, Teri dosti mein har pal khushiyan bhari.

6. Zindagi hai dosti ka naam, Har din hai ek naya inaam. Dua hai yahi meri dost ke

liye, Khushiyon se bhara ho har ek lamha teri zindagi.

7. Dost toh hai tu mujhse juda, Par dil se hai tu hamesha saath hamesha. Muskurate

rehna hamesha yun hi, Khuda se yahi dua hai hamari.

8. Dosti ka silsila hai ye anmol, Har ek pal hai dil se pyara aur mol. Dua hai yahi

humari, Teri dosti mein khushiyan bhari.

9. Har dua mein bas yahi maangi hai, Teri dosti ka saath sada hi rahe saath. Zindagi ki

har khushi tumhare kadam choome, Yahi hai humari dua har dum.

10. Dosti hai anmol, hai gehra rishta, Tere bin adhuri hai ye duniya ki kahani. Khuda se

dua hai yahi, Teri dosti sada rahe barkarar, sada nibhani.

Friendship Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines

1. Teri dosti se mila hai mujhe sukoon, Zindagi ka har lamha hai ab mehsoos.

2.;Dost mil jaye aisa koi pal, Jahan khushiyan ho har lamha khubsoorat

3. Dost tere bin adhuri hai ye zindagi, Teri dosti ka saath hai meri khushi ki wajah.

4. Dosti mein rang hai, mithaas hai, Har pal saath nibhane ki aas hai.

5. Dosti ka rishta hai anmol, Har musibat mein saath nibhane ka wada hai.

6. Dost hai tu meri zindagi ka rang, Khuda se dua hai yahi teri umar lambi ho.

7. Dost jaisa koi nahi, koi aur na sahi, Teri dosti mein khushiyan bharpoor hai.

8. Dosti ki roshni chamakti rahe, Har mushkil ka samna sath karte rahe.

9. Dost ho toh aisa, dil ka saath nibhane wala, Khushiyaan bantne wala, har gum ko

bhulane wala.

10. Dosti hai anmol, hai gehra rishta, Zindagi bhar ka saath, har lamha yaadgar.

Dosti Shayari Urdu

1. Dosti ka silsila hai anmol, Har lamha sath nibhane ka wada hai dil se.

2. Dost hai tu meri zindagi ka sahara, Har pal khushiyan bantne ka asra.

3. Dosti ki roshni chamakti rahe, Har musibat ka saath nibhane ka wada rahe.

4. Dost tu hai meri jaan, meri khushi, Teri dosti se hai zindagi ko sahara.

5.Dost jaisa koi nahi, koi aur na sahi, Teri dosti mein khushiyan hai saari.

6. Dosti ka rishta hai anmol aur gehra, Dil se dua hai yahi, tera har lamha khushiyon

se bhara.

7. Dost hai tu meri saath har kadam, Teri dosti ka ehsaas hai mere dil ka qadam.

8. Dosti mein rang hai, khushbu hai, Har lamha teri dosti mein khubsurti hai.

9. Dost ka saath hai sadiyon se purana, Zindagi bhar ka saath, khushiyan bhara


10. Dosti ki qadar kar, dost ko yaad rakh, Kyun ki dosti hai woh rishta, jo hamesha rahe



What is Friendship Poetry in Urdu?

 Friendship Poetry in Urdu refers to poetic expressions that celebrate and explore
the bond of friendship through the rich and expressive Urdu language. It encapsulates the emotions, experiences, and values associated with friendship.

Why is Friendship Poetry important?

 Friendship Poetry holds significance as it allows individuals to express their
feelings, appreciation, and gratitude towards their friends. It serves as a means of
strengthening bonds, conveying heartfelt messages, and cherishing the essence of

Where can I find Friendship Poetry in Urdu?

You can find Friendship Poetry in Urdu in various forms, such as books of Urdu
poetry, online poetry websites, social media platforms, and dedicated poetry forums.
Additionally, there are many poets who specialize in writing and sharing Friendship
Poetry in Urdu.

Can I share Friendship Poetry in Urdu on social media?

 Yes, Friendship Poetry in Urdu is often shared on social media platforms like
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can either find pre-made graphics with poetry
or create your own by pairing the poetic verses with suitable images.

How can I write my own Friendship Poetry in Urdu?

To write your own Friendship Poetry in Urdu, immerse yourself in the beauty and
nuances of the language. Reflect on the emotions and experiences you associate
with friendship, and try to express them through poetic verses. Practice and explore
different poetic styles and techniques to enhance your skills.

What are some common themes in Friendship Poetry?

Common themes in Friendship Poetry include loyalty, trust, companionship,
support, laughter, shared memories, and the joy of spending time together.
Friendship Poetry often celebrates the bond between friends and highlights the importance of their presence in our lives.

Can Friendship Poetry in Urdu be translated into other languages?

Yes, Friendship Poetry in Urdu can be translated into other languages to convey
the essence of the verses. However, it's important to note that translation may not
capture the full depth and beauty of the original Urdu poetry, as certain linguistic
nuances and cultural references may be challenging to replicate.

Are there any famous Friendship Poets in Urdu?

Yes, there are several famous Urdu poets who have written remarkable
Friendship Poetry. Notable names include Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed
Faiz, Ahmad Faraz, Jaun Elia, Parveen Shakir, and Wasi Shah, among others. Their
poetry continues to inspire and resonate with readers worldwide.


Friendship Poetry in Urdu holds a special place in literature, allowing individuals to express their emotions, appreciation, and gratitude for their friends through the beauty of the Urdu language. It serves as a powerful medium to celebrate and strengthen the bond of friendship, conveying messages of loyalty, support, and shared experiences.

Whether shared through books, online platforms, or social media, Friendship Poetry in Urdu

continues to touch the hearts of people, reminding them of the invaluable connections they have in their lives. 

From renowned poets to aspiring writers, the world of Friendship Poetry in Urdu offers a rich tapestry of expressions that resonate with readers across cultures. It serves as a testament to the enduring power of friendship and the profound impact it has on our lives. For more you can also visit this link:

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