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5 Best Short Video Applications

5 Best Short Video Applications – You Should Know

These days, short video applications are very popular. The short video application will make it simple for you to produce short movies for WhatsApp status or to delight people with your creativity.

You don’t need to be a skilled editor to use these programmes since they include built-in capabilities that make them incredibly simple to use.

Here we have the list of five best apps for creating short videos.

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram is a social photo and video sharing application by Facebook. It has launched a separate reels tab for its users, a relishing way for you to create and share the video to the user community if you possess a public account. If not, that means a private account! Then only approved insta followers of you can have a look at your reels.

Instagram reels permits the users to show their creativity in a 60-seconds video called reel, a fun and engaging way though!

2. YouTube Shorts

Firstly, YouTube, a Google owned company for online video sharing and a social media platform. It launched a beta version of shorts in India a year ago.

You can connect to the audience with your artistic way of presenting your act in a vertical video, maximum of 60-seconds in length.

The major plus to consider YouTube Shorts is there is no copyright problem as you have access to utilise any sound track for your short video.

3. Moj

If you are fascinated to present your astounding talent to the world, it’s a fantastic platform for you to head towards your dreams. Moj, an indian video-sharing social networking service, which is amadeus available for iOS and android devices respectively.

It provides you with cool shades of video effects, emoticons stickers and many through which you can make your short video much more astonishing.

4. MX Taka Tak

The most popular Indian short video application for creating short music, dialogue dubbing, dancing and funny videos in your own fashion to express yourself in an awesome way to the audience.

You can complete the download from the play store as well as from the app store for free. It offers you the utmost service to enhance your performance and thereby making your passion worthy for it!

5. Facebook Short Videos

Using audio and HR effects you are allowed to create and share your short video on Facebook short videos zone. Facebook launched it on an invite-only basis.

You can make your video visible to the audience just by sharing, where you show your flawless artistic side of you.


There ends our session on the top best short video creating applications. Use them wisely and yes! Do inform us which of the above five is your favourite.

If you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section below and we’ll definitely go through them. Do bookmark our page and for more updates do allow us to send on notification upto you.

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